Day 2…

by kristinwood

So I’m terribly sorry for not posting yesterday so I’ll give you a little recap…

I woke up, drank my protein drink for breakfast and lunch and had probably 5 huge glasses of water. I craved something salty all afternoon and finally broke down about 4:00 and had 2 crackers with easy cheese and a package of apple strawberry 100% fruit snacks after that. Followed by a ton of water. I ate a decent supper last night. At some point in the day, I remember that a few of my friends used the My Fitness Pal on their phones so I downloaded that and tried it out. It was actually really cool. I almost used all my calories yesterday. I think I had 90 to spare. I also got out the ole Wii Fit game and set it all up and “worked out” on it for 24 minutes. I felt ok about yesterday…those cravings were killer but I worked through them and I was proud of myself.


Today…day 2…I think it went AH-mazing! I didnt have any cravings at all. It was kinda wierd. I made a pot of vegetable beef soup for my family at lunchtime but didnt eat a single bite. I stuck to my shakes at breakfast and lunch, had a banana for a snack and drank boo-koo water. I have been logging  my food into My Fitness Pal and I still have 300 calories or so to consume tonight but after a big bowl of soup and ham salad sandwich for supper, I’m actually really full. I am feeling pretty proud of myself today because I feel like my stomach may actually be shrinking (which is kinda good). I felt pretty full after my sandwich and practically forced myself to eat the soup but it was delicious. My family is having popcorn tonight and I passed it up. It smells good but I honestly just feel too full to eat it. I’ll just drink my water and blog away. I feel slightly guilty about not doing the Wii today but I’ll hit it tomorrow.

I keep seeing pictures of slimmer women than me and cute outfits on Pinterest and I just keep thinking “Wow, that’s sooo going to be me in a year or so.” I pray every day that I keep that mindset. I really want to do it this time and be successful at it. I sometimes feel like I maybe havent done anything else in my life that has been all that successful or that has been “obvoiusly” successful and this may be something to be proud of. TTFN! I’ll post more soon. 🙂