Day 8…

by kristinwood

So it’s naptime here at my house. I just put Bowdy down and Albany is at school. Tim is out cutting wood and feeding cows. I thought I’d pop in and share some more motivation…or whatever. LOL!

Yesterday I saved my calories all day because I really really really wanted some awesome Mexican food from the restaurant that I dont know the name of. HAHA! So Tim decided to ask his mom to watch the kids and we would go out on a date! Double awesome…good food and date night. Well….as we pulled into the parking lot, there was not a soul in sight. The sign for the hours read “Sunday: opening soon!”. Goodness…that wasnt soon enough. I wanted some cheesy chicken and refried beans dangit! So we settled on steak which is pretty calorie packed but it’s grilled and protein so I wasnt too upset. Where I went bad was when I ordered an appetizer order of onion rings. Oh my gosh, were they good! I went over my calories by 27 yesterday and didnt exercise at all…oops. Today I’ve vowed to do better. I guess you can cheat on date night.

Today I have only had one protein shake and several glasses of water. Let me tell you, I’m starving! My stomach has growled all day and I’m dying for some food but I’m not giving in! I’m making chicken fajitas tonight and I’m soooo looking forward to the smell of cooked green peppers in my house! I love love love that so I’m holding out.

Tim and I had a discussion yesterday about the difference between him and I. It was so strange to think of things that way. I am such an artist and free spirit that I just float along in life and sometimes dont take things too seriously but I also am an all or nothing person. I love deeply, hug tightly, smile fully, and laugh straight from the belly. But on the other hand, my valleys get pretty low too. When I’m down, I’m down. There isnt much in the middle for me. And Tim is the exact opposite, he’s not a dreamer or a wisher. He lives his life in the middle, emotion wise. He doesnt get too upset over things and he never gets excited about things like I do. I guess that’s why God paired us up so Tim could balance me out. LOL! I read a quote today that pegged me to a T.

A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter.

A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual.

A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.

Pretty awesome, really. I’ll admit I’m not really a crier…in the sense that I dont cry around people but every thing else hits the nail right on the head. I need to stop thinking of myself as a failure every time I go over on my calories or dont exercise. All God really wants me to do in this world is raise these babies, please my husband, and be a good person. If I do nothing else in this world other than that…I have given the world all I have to give and it’s enough. That doesnt mean I’m going to stop fighting this battle with my weight but I’m going to stop beating myself up every day when I falter. I’ll just try harder the next day. This will not defeat me…I will reach my goals and I will still be me when this is all over. You just watch me…

Here’s a video I just ran across and I’ve never been a big fan of Jason Castro but I love this song. Enjoy!