Day 25…

by kristinwood

Wanna hear a funny? So I weighed the other day and I thought I’d be all organized on My Fitness Pal and type it in. Well, apparently I transposed my numbers all wrong and when I logged on today it said in my feed “Kristin has lost 26lbs this week” or something like that. At first I was like “Wow…did I really? I mustve missed something” but then I was like “Hmm, I should go check my weight chart and get to the bottom of this.” So I did and it said that I now weigh 235 instead of 253 (which is the correct amount). So I tried to change it and I cant…the only way that I can see to change it is to show my weigh in at what it is and make it look like I gained weight but I really dont want to do that. It’ll make me feel all negative inside. So I’ve just decided not to fix it on there and just wait it out until I actually do weigh that. Hopefully it’ll just be a month or so. LOL! Guess that gives me one more motivator to work towards because I’m all OCD like that. The part that’s really ticking me off though is that it lowered my daily calories from 1500 something down to 1400 something! That’s a whole dang granola bar that I could be eating! Sheesh! Oh well, I’ll suck it up. Maybe I did need to cut out that extra 100 calories.

On a different note, I’ll log my food here that I consumed today. We were low on milk so I decided to skip my shake today so the kids could have milk on their cereal tomorrow in case my husband didnt get any tonight at the store. You know me, Supermom, always thinking. LOL! For breakfast I had a nap…no seriously, I got Albany on her way to school, was super exhausted and not feeling really hot since I just got my allergy shots yesterday and hopped back into a snugly bed with my husband who was still snoring away because he worked into the night last night. So I had a PB&J sandwich at around 10:15ish and then had leftover bubble pizza at 1ish. Then I make steak fajita’s for supper with green peppers and onions. It was delicious! And it was not too bad on the calorie side of things either. The kids wanted to make cupcakes today and I didnt have a box mix so we whipped up some and some homemade frosting and I only ate a small one. I honestly drank my water all day long and probably downed 10 glasses (big glasses with the hard plastic wall) and I didnt have a single craving for anything today. I did log onto Facebook though just a bit ago and someone posted a picture of this:



I was like “Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?” I have not wanted a pop since this whole trip began and after seeing that I thought I might explode if I didnt get a dang A&W Root Beer pronto! My second thought was “Wonder what kind of car that is? and my third thought was “Holy crap! That’s not hardly enough pop for a bird!” So that brings me to my next random thought…why did they start supersizing so many things? I’m sure there are 2 hour long documentaries on Netflix to explain this phenomenon (and others, I’m sure) so I’m not going to get too heavy on the topic. But I do want to mention that in order for our nation to become smaller as a whole, we need to stop thinking so much bigger. Our brains are programmed to think that bigger is better and more is more but really we’re just overindulging and committing the sin of gluttony. Sadly, it’s a sin most people dont even realize they’re committing. Just like my cupcake…before starting this diet, I would’ve probably gobbled 3 up before the night was over and not thought a thing about it. Now, one is probably a terrible idea. The strange part is that I honestly could’ve done without it. I didnt crave it. My body wasnt telling me that I needed it. I dont know why I picked up that pretty little cupcake that was made from start to finish from scratch by me and my kiddos. I guess their handiwork in the sprinkle department somehow made me feel guilty. I dont know. I’m not going to kick myself for it because it’s not really worth it but I need to really truly listen to my body. If it’s thirsty, I drink. If it craves cooked carrots, it’s ovbiously needs those nutrients. If I’m craving something sweet, I’m going to satisfy that with some yogurt or a 50 calorie fruit strip.

I keep saying this isnt really a diet…it’s just a way of switching this for that. It’s a balance of good and bad. It’s probably the most natural of ways to lose this weight and keep it off forever. I fully anticipate 3 years from now still only eating one cupcake on a rare occasion as a treat. I understand that I cant just lose 60 lbs and then treat myself to high fructose corn syrup and sour cream and onion chips every day. It’s not natural and it’s self sabotage.

I’m going to get off my pedestal now and get to bed. Another of my goals lately has been to get more sleep. I recently had my thyroid checked because I was just exhausted all the time. The test turned out normal…just happens that I’m not getting enough sleep. So I read something today that said to map out when to go to sleep based on how much sleep you want to get. So I’ve decided to go to bed at 10 every night. It also said that even if you really dont feel tired, start training your brain to that routine and eventually you’ll be ready to fall asleep sooner and sooner. Guess my brain has about 6 years of damage to reverse and retrain. LOL! It should keep me busy lately. It’s a good thing I dont have a real job or this could get annoying. HAHA! TTFN!