Day 30…

by kristinwood

WOW!!! I’m so proud of myself. I made it 30 whole days and I didnt die…just kidding. I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever made it this long before on a diet without just giving up all together…oh wait, I have. I breastfed for 6 months. LOL! I dont know if you can really call that one a diet but basically it’s the only truly “natural” “fast working” “eat as much as you want” diet. BAHAHAHA! I’m cracking myself up! Seriously, I can remember nursing my son and my weight was 216! That seems like ages ago since he just turned 5 last month. Well, since I’m at the 30 day mark, I’d like to share some things I’m thankful for but first I’m going to share the numbers you’ve all been waiting for! I am proud to announce that I am down 13 lbs since I started this journey a month ago. I am almost to my first goal of 15 lbs and then I get to go see my brother and his fiance who live 5 hours away for a getaway day or two! How fun is that!?! So I started out at my heaviest at 265 and now I am down to 252! I feel great and I’m so proud of myself. Part of me is still hesitant to start sharing this blog and go all public but I might get there sometime. For now, it’s my little secret that I haven’t really been sharing with anyone. Actually, this whole weight loss thing is my little secret. Very few people know that I’m even trying. I’m not sure why exactly I’m keeping it a secret except that when you’re as morbidly obese as I am, you just dont want to shout it from the rooftops that you lost 13 lbs sometimes because I’m sure people are thinking politely to themselves “Oh yeah, that’s great but she’s got a ways to go.” or “Wow, I cant really tell yet…maybe after another 60 or so I’ll see it.” People are mean and truthful all at the same time but I’m rolling with it. I’ll get through it. When I’m ready to get out of my “fat closet” I’ll step out in some size 16 jeans, some killer flats, and a pretty pink scarf that actually looks nice atop my huge boobs. LOL!

After my little razz of fat humor, I feel it’s necessary to get to the point. I’m so thankful for so many things these past 30 days. If anyone else is ever reading this blog and in the same shoes I am now, I want you to know that your battle is hard. It’s long and it’s difficult. It starts at 5:50 am and doesnt end until midnight some nights. You’re fighting at the table, in a restaurant, at your desk at work, in the bathroom, in your car, it’s all.the.time. You win some, you lose some but you need to win more and you will. Anyone can be successful with a few simple rules. (I’d post them but that’s a whole other blog post.)

Today, 13 lbs lighter, I’m thankful for:

cupsThese awesome cups! I am currently using the blue one in the center but I have the green one too. I always drink my water out of them. Before this diet, I used to drink sweet tea out of them all day long. I think since I was in the habit of chugging something from it all the time, it made a smoother transition to water. I can proudly say I’m 30 days sweet tea free!!!

fridgeA fridge with a water and ice dispenser. This is sooooo important to me because I go in for a fill up at least every 2-3 hours. I’m sipping water all day long and I’m so glad to have an endless fountain to get it from that I love. Ours makes a cute little beep sound sometimes too. Gotta love the perks of modern technology. ūüôā

mexican!¬†MEXICAN FOOD!!! Pollo con queso to be exact! I have always loved this dish in Mexican restaurants and I’m so thankful that it’s high in protein and it’s such a good splurge meal for me because I usually make 2 meals out of it (if I can beat my husband to the leftovers.) I have been diagnosed as insulin resistant a long time ago in the past and it can be well controlled if you balance carbs and proteins well and this was always my go to meal when I needed a little pick me up but didnt want to feel guilty about it.

stairs¬†Stairs. Seems silly to be thankful for them but our house has a set to the finished basement and to the upstairs. I used to take them for granted and only made one trip up them a day and would pile crap at the tops or bottoms to remember to take up or down on my trip. Now, if there’s something that needs to go up or down, it happens at this very moment and I dont care if I have to make 10 trips up or down. It’s good for me dammit and I’m going to do like it. LOL!

fruit strips¬†Fit and Active strawberry fruit strips. Oh so good! I’m not a very good fruit eater but I am always looking for a sweet snack in the afternoons. These are 100% real fruit and taste like fruit roll ups. They are very low in calories and are not to expensive at Aldi’s. Great crave curber!

peppermint teasugarThis one’s a two for one deal. LOL! I gave up my big pitchers of sweet tea when I started this change because I knew all that sugar was terrible for my body, especially since I have to watch my sugars anyway. So I found a better alternative and it was really a lifesaver when I was sick. Peppermint tea with a spoonful of Demerara sugar. It’s low in calories and it wasnt as addictive to me as sweet tea. Great pick me up after a long day of coughing and snotting.

wii¬†I weigh religiously on my Wii fit and that’s the only place I weigh. I occasionally do the exercises on there but mostly use it to keep track of my weight. I love the running and bike riding exercises. It almost makes me feel like I could really someday run outside and enjoy it.

special k¬†Lifesaver for those days when I really want something salty but I should’t use all my calories for the day¬†on a bag of chips. These are so great because you can have 20 chips and only 110 calories! And if you know me, I counted out exactly 20 chips and they could NOT be broken ones. That would’ve felt like a rip off. LOL!

salsaThis is my favorite store bought salsa. It’s so sweet and tasty and only 50 calories or so for 2 tablespoons.

Sour patch kids¬†I love these but they’re not my favorite. I just happened to¬† have these a little bit ago in the teensy little size that my kids got from a pinata at a birthday party. That’s how you should buy your candy if you can’t stay away from it at all. I initially wanted to avoid things like this that were an “extra” in my opinion because I thought I really wouldnt need them. Turns out, I do need a little sweet pick me up somedays and I can have it….in moderation. That’s the key. If you want one of you little “extras” go ahead and get it but only get a fourth of what you used to eat.


 I am thankful for a husband that has loved me for 10 years, 10 sizes, up and down 70 lbs, and every moment in between. He has never once said anything hurtful about my weight and still makes me feel beautiful in one of his t-shirts and sweats. I love him more than anything and he is my home. I am thankful for my kids, each of them unique and beautiful and constantly teaching me new things and showing me new reasons to keep being real, honest, and inspiring to others. Albany and Bowdy, if you ever read this one day, please know that I am so glad God chose me to be your mommy. You both show me something new every day and I love to see things through your eyes.

Lastly, I am thankful for myself. I may have ups and downs and hard times and great times but I’m so glad I am who I am. I’m honest, loving, warm, fuzzy, happy, snugly, and inspiring. I truly feel that God put me on this earth to be an inspiration to others somehow and I hope that I can do just that everyday. Inspire…