My little rant about body image…

So today, I come to you as raw and honest as I can be. I’ve been sick. I’ve been beat down. I’ve been to the point where I want to die. I’ve been one matchstick away from a wildfire. I’ve been humiliated, frustrated, annoyed, and plain old disgusted. But here I sit, still hammering away at my keyboard hoping to still inspire someone. I’m not trying to inspire you to lose weight particularly or to go out and buy some new clothes or post half naked pictures of your belly rolls on the internet. I want to inspire you to be happy in the skin you’re in.

The other day I ran across this blog:

While I was there, I clicked around and saw tons of things that inspired me and made me want to inspire others. The first thing that stuck out to me is that this photographer makes women feel happy. I saw the picture of the woman with her head thrown back in the middle of a great laugh and thought “I want to do that! I want to photograph such rawness and happiness all at once!” Then I thought “I can do that! I pretty much already do that when I do boudoir sessions!”

Here’s what I really want any woman out there reading this post to know. You are you. You are much much more than what is seen on the outside. God gave you that body so make the most of it. This doesnt mean that you have to dress all sexy or wear something totally out of the ordinary to get attention…Heck, you probably dont even want attention and that’s totally cool. I stand in front of the mirror on a regular basis and look myself over. It’s kinda weird but it’s weirdly invigorating too. I focus on my inherited skin tone, on my beautiful sun-kissed freckles, my everchanging greenish/brownish eyes, I focus on my laugh lines caused by many many smiles at strangers, I focus on my wild hair with curls that resembles my daughters, I focus on my teensy little flat feet, I focus on my scar where my kids entered the world from and the breasts that nourished them and please my husband. Maybe this is too mushy for you but you know what, our body may be a roadmap of where we’ve been and may resemble who we came from but it does not define who we are!

What my body doesnt show is that I’m the kind of person that would drop my groceries to help a woman that has fallen at Wal-Mart. It doesnt show that I’m the mom that doesnt allow her kids to kill bugs just for the fun of it. It doesnt show that I’m the kind of person that would never steal. It doesnt show my tremendous faith in God. It doesnt show my creative spirit and the many many family portraits that I’ve captured for people. It doesnt show any evidence of the many hugs given to my kids. It doesnt show that I’m the kind of person that gives 110% to get a project done. What I’m saying is that, while my body may be rittled with stretch marks from carrying two babies, it doesnt show what kind of mommy I am. While my heels may be cracked it doesnt show where I’ve been in this life and the many hurdles I’ve jumped to be the person I am now. While I may have tired looking eyes, you couldnt tell by looking at them the many tears shed for things that I have no control over. You may see my chapped lips but never know the encouraging words that have passed across them.

So what I want to say to the people reading this blog that may or may not know me that are possibly thinking judgmental thoughts…screw you. You cant judge a book by it’s cover only by the material within it’s words. The same holds true in a person. You may see my 260 lb body with it’s rolls and stretchies and chubby neck and judge me by my perceived eating habits or whatnot but you have no idea the potential I have to carry out God’s will.

Love you for you, and love others for who they truly are. Take the time to see inside someone. If you’re still struggling with your own body image, stop. Just think of the other things that define who you are. Your own body image is whatever you make of it. Are you going to focus on the stretchies or the kindness within?