It’s a new day and a new start…

by kristinwood

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably already a friend of mine on Facebook and you may have already read my other posts from this past spring. I’m back on the bandwagon, so to speak, and I’m starting over. I reread all of my previous posts last night and I seemed so whiney and pitiful! Although, I remember all of those sickly bad feelings as if they were yesterday. I was terribly sick with my allergies. That was all before I went to my allergist and begged him to make me feel better. A nose spray, prescription allergy/asthma medicine, $107, and several months later I’m feeling like myself! Finally, someone helped me! Someone believed my misery and actually prescribed something that worked. On a little bit of an unrelated topic, I dont know if you knew how much stomach trouble I was having…I would eat a meal and then within an hour be writhing in pain and running to the bathroom with diarrhea. (Sorry TMI) Well, I made an appointment with a GI specialist, thinking it was something really wrong. I was scared to death it was cancer…no lie! After losing my cousin to colorectal cancer last year, I’m paranoid. So I decided to get checked out. Randomly though, before that appointment I had my annual checkup at my allergist and my annual allergy testing. So I mentioned to him that I was having stomach trouble and wondered if I could have a food allergy. He figured it was easy enough to do the tests and rule things out. The nurse did all the sticks, and you have to wait 15 minutes before Dr. Ciesemier can come in and read the tests. When he came in he said “You have a severe food allergy!” And I was shocked! I figured it was to wheat or gluten or something like that but it was to tomatoes! It was so random and so simple and it explained everything! As a matter of fact, as I was sitting there, I was recalling my last unpleasant episode and it was right after spaghetti! I was also allergic to green peppers but it wasnt quite the severity. Anyway, I avoided both of those for a few weeks and realized that that was causing all the trouble so canceled my GI appointment and have not had a lick of trouble since! I was thrilled!

So back to my plan to lose weight…it’s super easy and IMO, the “right” thing to do. I am going to watch what I eat and consciously make better eating choices and exercise. I will be having 1-2 protein shakes in the place of breakfast and lunch and then a regular dinner. I will track my food on the My Fitness Pal app, just like I was doing before. I am also going to start running! Can you believe it?!? Tubby ol’ me, RUNNING?!? It’s always been something I wanted to do and after doing some research and reading some blogs of chubby runners, I’ve decided to do it! I downloaded the Couch to 5k app on my phone that’s supposed to help you condition for a 5k. So once I get through that, I’m going to do the COLOR RUN!!! I am soooo excited! I’ve always wanted to do it but never thought I could be a runner.

I weighed today…I was scared that I had gained the 20 lbs back plus some that I had lost this past spring and was pleasantly surprised…I had actually only gained about 5 lbs of it! So here’s my stats. I weighed in at 251 this morning. My heaviest weight ever has been 265 and was the beginning of this year. My sizes havent changed much in clothes so I wont list those. I am 5’5″ and according to the Wii Fit game, I’m obese. Sometimes the truth hurts but I’m ok with it. I need to live in the real world.

I’m not an overeater but I do abuse homemade sweet tea which I am cutting out of my diet. I used to drink an occasional pop but I’m cutting that out as well. I feel like I eat the wrong things so I’m trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet but I’m really just a meat and potatoes kinda girl. LOL! I’m not going to have specific days to cheat but I will treat myself once in a while to things, in moderation. Tim is trying to do this with me but I’m not sure he is going to follow things as strictly as I plan to. Today he’s been working his butt off and my measly 8 oz protein shake was definitely not going to do the trick so he had a sandwich for lunch and some watermelon. I told him that if he is going to “diet” and get hungry then there’s no point. The point is, you’re not supposed to be hungry and starving yourself…you’re supposed to eat just eat the right things.

I feel like I’ve written a book already with this post so I wont bore you any longer but I have done a lot of research about sports bras and workout clothes for the “plus size” that I’d love to share but that’ll have to be another post. I’m about to make my 6th trip up and down the stairs today to go work on laundry. Hopefully that counts for something. TTFN!