It’s a “this for that” battle

by kristinwood

I feel so tech savvy today. I’m blogging from my phone! How awesome is that?!? I was hoping to be able to do this for a quick check in once in a while and to post pictures quickly since I use my phone alot for fast snap shots.

Anyway I just logged my food for today in My Fitness Pal and I’m feeling pretty good about my eating today and water intake. Yesterday was my anniversary and I’m not sure I really stuck with my calories. I had a cheeseburger and bbq chips for lunch, and 1/4th my ribeye sandwich with a few waffle fries and 2 cherry Cokes with my supper and a waffle cone with yellow cake batter flavored custard for dessert. Sounds terrible now that I’ve put it in print but I hope I made up for it a little today. I woke up late and didn’t eat breakfast (I know, huge no no) then I had a turkey breast chop salad at Subway and half sweet tea and half unsweet tea in my glass and a big bottle of water. This battle is really a “this for that” battle. I’m choosing what I put into my body…sounds ridiculous because we all choose what we eat but I’m consciously choosing to eat good or bad. Yesterday I had a headache from lack of caffeine so I chose to drink pop. It was probably a bad decision but I justified it. See how easy it is to trick ourselves into the wrong things? I’m not saying you should never have pop or custard…we should just be prepared to work it off afterwards. If you consume a 200 calorie pop, what are you going to do to burn those calories. Dieting is as simple as that. You want to lose, you have to understand the science of it. Today is a new day, just like tomorrow and the next day. Just because I made some bad eating decisions yesterday on my anniversary, doesn’t mean I can’t do better tomorrow. I tell myself “Chin up buttercup! The only way to lose is to lose. It’s not an easy quick fix but you can do it.”