Sunday – A Day of Much Needed Rest

by kristinwood

Did you catch my state of exhaustion in that title. LOL! I have been running non stop this past week. We finally sold our old house (HAPPY DANCE) and I kick started this crazy lifestyle change and we spent the weekend at the lake with my parents camping. I’m used to a slower pace and more relaxed at home routine. This week was a jolt to the system, that’s for sure.

I actually sat down to upload some songs for my runs but after several failed attempts, I’ve given up and downloaded a workout song app to play while I run. It’s cool because it plays alot of different songs and I dont have to download them or hassle with moving them from computer to phone. Another plus size to utilizing my phone so much is that I have it with me when I run and it’s like my little security blanket. LOL!

I told you I would share some of my research and I wanted to post a few links from what I found.

This was the article/blog that I read that actually made me decide to start running. Her words were sooo delightful to hear because she basically was me at my heaviest. And I thought, “If she can do it, I can do it.”

Here’s an article about sports bras. I’ve read dozens of them but this was the most straight forward and easy to understand for me. I am a 42DD and it was NOT easy to find a sports bra that worked for me. I bought the biggest size Walmart had a few weeks ago and could NOT stuff my muffins in for nothing! NO JOKE! It was awful and it’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic or I would’ve probably died in that thing!

Here’s the link to the sports bra I purchased and LOVE! The back straps are convertable and can be criss crossed or worn regularly. I ordered the purple and black one that is listed on the left.

If you know me, you know I’m a “project” person. I love to have something I’m working on at all times. I finally had a lull in my regular projects and decided I would be my project…that is my body anyway. LOL! I love to make things look beautiful and decided it was time to work on my body. I look at it in the mirror and love so many things about it but aside from the appearance, there were things that I needed to beautify. As silly as it sounds, I saw a picture on Dr. Oz one day (and I hate that show for the record) that showed a diagram of what the human body looks like that is overweight. It showed a 3D type view of a person that was very heavy in the front, like me. I was appalled at the amount of fat surrounding the organs! I realized that my insides were really not that healthy. While my outward appearance may be heavy, I always thought it was attractive and never had a body image problem. Well, that picture on that blasted show was a huge wakeup call! I had no idea my organs would be suffering!

After I ran yesterday, I felt great emotionally that I had completed a small goal. But later as the day went on, my body was drained…my muscles were weary and tired. I stepped out of my parents camper and down the one little metal step and my legs wobbled like that of an 80 year old man with a cane! I really thought I would end up in a heap on the ground! So the fact that my body responded that way, made me think that my inactivity had probably caused aging of my muscles and had somehow damaged them, not permanently of course. That neglect of my body is so so sad to me. I can remember all the things I used to do when I was young…oh wait! I am STILL young! I need to get myself well and active now so I can stay young longer.

That is why I am putting my body through this. That is why I’m “dieting” AKA eating healthier. That is why I want to be a runner. I want to feel that drive to put my body to the test and succeed!

I havent been very forthcoming about my weight loss with my kids because they are little and I never want them to have a body image problem or think they’re fat or whatever but I think they’re catching on to my changes. The other day we were in the car and Bowdy said “Mommy, are you trying to lose weight?” I said “Well, yes kindof but mommy really wants to run.” He said “YAY! Mommy is going to run with us, Albany!” He was soooo excited that I would run with them! I about cried right then and there. Our inside joke was always that Momma dont run. As sad as that is, that was what he remembered….that I dont run. Well, enough of that boloney! I’m going to run if it kills me!

I have also become one of these people that I couldnt hardly stand…I’m a bragger. Unfortunately this lifestyle has consumed me and I’m obsessed. I dont really mean to brag but I’m pretty excited about my accomplishments and the things I’ve learned and done. I dont know if people percieve me as a bragger or if they’re truly happy for me. I know my family and close friends are happy but I’m not sure that the random people I run across are. LOL! I dont really care at this point. I’m going to try try try to not be an annoyance so I’m trying really hard to stick to posting my thoughts on this blog instead of flooding my Facebook feeds with things. That way people can choose to read my posts or not. Either way is fine by me but I’m not going to force it down their throats. I really really hope that through my battle, it may inspire someone else to take action to get active now, while there’s still time.

Before I close, I want to thank all of the people that have supported me this far! I’m sooooooo blessed to have you all in my life and I know you love me regardless of shape or size or fitness level. Thank you all for supporting me and encouraging me to never give up!