Biggest temptations…

by kristinwood

I’ll do a real post later and tell you all about my big birthday weekend and all the fun but for now I’m just vegging before I clean the living room and had some random thoughts. Lol!

What are your biggest temptations? I love cupcakes and cotton candy. It’s amost such a strong pull that as I type this, I can amost taste them. Ha! I love plain white cupcakes and my homemade white frosting…and if they’re pretty…EVEN BETTER! I will admit, I’m a sucker for pretty things.

Where was I going with these thoughts…oh yeah I CONQUERED THEN BOTH TODAY! Woot woot! There was one cupcake leftover from yesterday and some cotton candy here on the table that we saved for Bowdy from the concert and I didn’t scarf it! I did take a little nibble of his cotton candy but that was it! I’m so proud. Lol!


Someone sure enjoyed it though!

Today I took a picture of myself after running to show how un-glamorous it is to run but then I got embarrassed to post it because I look soooooo big…I mean, it’s only a headshot but my face looks huge. Maybe one day I’ll be brave and post it or maybe one day when I reach my goal I’ll do a comparison shot. I’m the meantime I’ll pray my kids don’t show that terrible picture to anyone in public when I let then play on my phone at Walmart our the eye doctor. Lol!

Just one more reason to never give up! I want so many things and I’ll never get them or get to experience them if I stay the same.
I’m going to rock this and meet my goal even if I give in to an occasional cupcake on my birthday or if I don’t lose as much as I’d like every week. This is my battle and I can do this!