Wow, what a week!

by kristinwood

I told you yesterday that I’d post a “real post” so here goes. This past week has been sooooooo good! This morning was weigh day and I’ll share some more about that further in this post.

Saturday was my birthday and it was FANTASTIC! One of my best birthdays ever! Several months ago my aunt, mom, and two cousins and Albany and I decided we wanted to see Taylor Swift in concert sometime. We had mentioned it in passing and out of the blue, I decided to look it up online and see if she’d be close to us. When I checked out the tour dates and places I saw that she was going to be in Kansas City on my birthday so I called all the ladies and they said we should do it. That day there were a ton of seats available so I decided I’d order the next day. When I got online the next day there were only 3 sections with seats still available! It was crazy! So I hurried up and purchased 6 of the best seats available at the time. We were so excited but it was still months away. Later I found out that that concert sold out in a matter of days so we were lucky to get tickets! It was a “meant to be” thing.

So my recap of my Saturday. I got up before everyone else in my house because I knew we were leaving fairly early to go to the concert and I got my run in. I ran/walked 1.25 miles with my Couch to 5k app on my phone. I got home and let my dogs loose (I have to tie them up when I run or they’ll follow me), then I sat on the porch and played with them for a little bit and I heard someone up and going in the house. Albany and Bowdy popped outside singing “Happy Birthday” to me and they were so excited because they had something for me. They made me close my eyes and brought out a set of Paula Deen pots and pans!!! I was super excited because I love them and thought I’d never get them after the whole scandal thing. Then I went inside and Tim was making biscuits and gravy for breakfast…one of my favorite breakfasts…EVER! At first I told him I didnt want any because I knew it would be a tough weekend and I didnt want to overdo my calories. Well he basically told me I was going to eat some and I fixed a small plate and it was sooooo good. He’s the best b&g maker ever!

After breakfast, I packed Albany and I’s bags and got ready to go. I was all dressed in my new birthday outfit I had picked out the day before and we were on our way. I met my mom, aunt and cousins at my mom’s house and we headed on our road trip. It was such a fun road trip…Taylor Swift was blaring on the radio and the little girls were in the backseat coloring and chattering away while all of us “grown ups” had some good laughs and conversation. We got to our motel in plenty of time to relax and unload our stuff. We got this awesome penthouse suite with a bedroom below and loft bedroom above, kitchen and living room area. And it had 2 bathrooms! With all of us girls, we definitely needed that! We got on the shuttle and headed to the concert with plenty of time to spare so we walked around the Power and Light district and stopped at the Pizza Bar to chill and eat before the concert. Mind you, I had already eaten at McDonalds for lunch (a kids meal of course) so I was really trying hard not to go over on calories. When that cheesy thin crust pizza came out, I was immediately sucked in! LOL! I drank water and only had 2 pieces and it was delicious. There was one piece left once everyone else was finished but I decided not to have it. The old Kristin would’ve gobbled it up and not thought twice about it.

We waited in line outside in the beating sun for about 15 minutes or so and finally filed into the concert. As we were waiting outside I noticed a marquee flashing the rules and one thing said “No professional cameras” but we didnt have our car so I figured I’d chance it. I didnt think they’d really check that well…WRONG! We went through a metal detector and a man was going through all purses and bags. The little girls were freaking out. Albany said “Mommy…what about your camera?”. I told her not to worry about it, it would be fine. Well he found my camera and my lens and told me I couldnt have it in there. He first said I could take it to the car but I couldnt because we didnt have one so he told me he’d have to call someone. Well, a lady met me and escorted us to a window where they took my camera, name and phone number and gave me a ticket so that I could get my camera back at the end of the concert. I slowly handed it over and muttered something about them taking good care of it. As soon as I turned around, I couldnt fight off the tears anymore. As silly as it sounds, I was petrified! So many what ifs ran through my head but I looked at my cousin Katy, saw her concerned face and pulled myself together. We were there to have fun and make memories…I didnt need that camera to do that! We met up with the other ladies and found our seats not knowing what we were in for.

That concert was NOTHING I had imagined. It was so big and so much better than I even imagined. The opening acts were good but nothing can compare to that moment when Taylor Swift actually came out. Albany and I held hands and jumped up and down, screaming and crying. It was such a rush! She was beautiful and simple and elegant and ordinary and classy and her voice was exactly the same as the radio! Albany kept hugging me and yelling “Thank you, Mommy for taking me!” I was so happy! Such a beautifully moving moment between us. It was one of those moments that you dream about sharing with your daughter. It was perfect. Taylor performed for about 2 hours and every minute of it was spent in awe. It was amazing!

Afterwards, I got my camera back (safe and sound) and we headed out of the Sprint Center to find a cab. Then we headed back to our motel. When we got to our motel, it was 11:20 pm or so and I was starving! So my mom got me an orange juice from the front desk vending area and I had a small bag of plain Lays potato chips. I was sooooo worried that that darn bag of chips would do me in. LOL! It was silly to think that but I couldnt help it. I guess I’m just hardwired to worry now.

The next day I had breakfast from their continental breakfast but I tried really hard to mostly eat protein and not overdo it. I had a half biscuit with a few spoonfuls of gravy, a sausage patty and some scrambled eggs and some cran-grape juice. For lunch on Sunday, we had Mexican and I ordered a rice bowl with peppers, onions, and chicken and of course had chips and salsa. I only ate about 1/3 of my food and brought the rest home. I drank a bottle of sweet tea on the way home and felt just ok about the way I had eaten this weekend.

Before we left, on Friday I weighed because I wanted to see if I’d lost any to keep me motivated not to overeat during the weekend. I had lost 1.5 lbs in 4 days! So that defintely kept me on track and conscious this weekend. This morning I weighed again (because Tuesday is my regular weigh day) and I had lost another 1.5 lbs! That is 3 lbs in one week! Now THAT is the number I want to see every week!

Yesterday I ran again and I’m still loving it. I talk to myself like a loon when I need an extra push. I’m soooo glad no on is on that crazy country road when I’m doing it. Yesterday I had cows watching me from the fence and I got a good giggle at their curiousity. I will admit, I walked the last 10 seconds of my last running interval and I was beating myself up for that but I’ll get better. I’m not going to make excuses about it. I’m just going to push harder next time.

Such a great week and so many good memories! TTFN!