Just a few late night thoughts

by kristinwood

So I’m laying in bed and I just set my alarm to go for my run tomorrow. The other day I went out at about 9:30 and it was 80° with 89% humidity and it was miserable! I think that’s why I was struggling so much. They also just started brush hogging the pasture that is on that road that I run on…so allergies were feeling it a little. So tomorrow I decided to beat the heat and it will be soooooo hard! I won’t want to get up when the rest of my family is sleeping in on a Saturday. Oh well, I’ll just have to get over it. It’s totally worth it.

I’m also super nervous about tomorrow’s workout. I will have to run for 3 solid minutes! Twice! I have been kinda freaking out about that part for a few days but I’m trying to give myself a good pep talk and imagine how good I’ll feel once I actually do it and complete tomorrow’s workout.

I told myself tonight that if I can do the elliptical for a solid 12 minutes and keep a decent pace, I can run for 3 minutes. Sometimes when I’m running I talk to myself and the most common phrase I tell myself is “You may be slow but you’re lapping everyone on the couch.” I’m sure you’ve all probably read it but it really is the truth. I know back when I started by walking alone and didn’t do much else for cardio, I always felt like I wasn’t working out enough but look at me now! Those walks on my little path were the baby steps on this journey! I’m getting there, slowly but surely!

By the way, The Color Run will be in Tempe, Arizona in January and I’m going to do it! I’m nervous and excited and pumped and happy and crazy out of my mind because I’m probably not going to meet my weight goal by then so I’ll really be a fat girl running. Lol! Wish me luck!