Happy Sunday!

by kristinwood

I know it’s Sunday and I “nonverbally”decided I would take a break from exercise on Sundays but I just did a mile on the elliptical and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s run. Can you believe it? Me, >250 girl wanting to exercise? Well believe it! I’m loving the burn and the sweat and the time to myself, even if it is 30 minutes or 10. Lol! There’s a lot of crazy things in my life lately with my kids starting school next week and all the changes that come with a new routine but I’m really looking forward to the good things that are happening. A friend of mine posted about a NSV (non scale victory) on Facebook the other day. I thought it was a cool way to look at it so I thought I’d shares few NSV’s with you.

1. My XXL tshirts are now too big…and I mean baggy in the armpits and everywhere big! It’s silly but at this years Relay For Life I set a goal to be wearing a size large shirt at next years Relay. At the time it seemed so crazy to make that goal with myself but I know I’m going to get there soon. It’s been since high school since I fit in a size large!

2. Someone told me I looked good the other day! I was floored because someone noticed! I read somewhere that it takes 4 weeks for you to notice the change in yourself, 8 weeks for family and close friends, and 12 for everyone else. So for her to notice was pretty exciting to me!

3. My butt is starting to get a cute little curve to it! I’m sure my grandmother will blush reading this but it’s true! I stand in front of the mirror about once a week (and check for ticks usually. Lol!) and give my body the once over and I noticed it today. It’s changing in a good way!

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll keep sharing as I notice things. I’m off to bed to set my alarm for tomorrows twerkout. đŸ™‚