A little bowl of yogurt

by kristinwood

It’s funny to me that a late night snack is now a small piece of Swiss cheese and a bowl of perfectly measured yogurt. Months ago, my late night snack would’ve consisted of potato chips and several glasses of sweet tea. No wonder I never slept well and would wake up feeling grouchy and not ready for the day!

Both of my kids will be starting school next week and instead of crying about my babies growing up, I’m thinking of ways to get things done while they’re gimme and work in some good workouts. I’m excited for the chance to change my routine for the better!

Sorry for the quick post but I’ll leave you with a picture you would’ve never seen from me months ago. It’s a bowl of yogurt in my lap and my legs are bare in shorts. I used to never show my legs before! Trust me, I have a long ways to go before you’ll see me out and about in daisy dukes but I’ll proud of the muscle tone I’m gaining in my tree trunk legs! Here’s to small victories!