I’m not gonna lie

by kristinwood

I’m not gonna lie, I’m thinking about quitting running. I’m kicking myself for even thinking these thoughts. The last workout I did was Saturday morning and it was killer! I got up early and it was hard. I walked through at least the last half of the last interval of running. I was almost in tears and beating myself up over it. I had the pain in my side and my knees were hurting so bad and I had rubbed a dime size blister on the arch of my foot to where it felt like I was running on a pebble. I felt like such a whiner and a failure.

Today was a big day for me. Bowdy started kindergarten and Albany started first grade. So I have no more babies at home. It’s a weird feeling that I haven’t put to words just yet. And with all of the hustle and bustle today, I didn’t run this morning. It was the first day I’ve missed in 4 weeks and it made me crazy. I did do 1.25 miles on the elliptical tonight instead. I’m going to try again to run tomorrow. It’s not supposed to be easy. I’ll get there and you know…if I have to walk a little, I have to walk a little. It’s better than loafing on the couch, eating chocolate. 😉

Here’s a fun picture of me…on the elliptical in tennis shoes and a dress. Whatever it takes. 🙂