Warning. This post may contain whining.

by kristinwood

I’m feeling soooooo many things this morning. I’m going to post some of my feelings now, preworkout, then I’ll post an update once I’m done.

This past weekend has been such an emotional rollercoaster in so many ways. My little brother got married and moved away and I was in his wedding among some young, skinny, and pretty girls. After a day or so now, I may be able to put my feelings to words.

Right at this moment, I’m sitting here watching Good Morning America in my running clothes. Tim is eating bacon in the recliner next to me. The aroma makes me want to barf. And I know what you’re thinking…I’m NOT pregnant. Lol! My kids just got on the school bus about 20 minutes ago and it would be soooooo easy to just crawl back in bed. I’m exhausted from not sleeping well all weekend and the heat of the zoo yesterday.

I will post what I ate all weekend in another post but for now I’m going to force myself to run. I need it and I’m going to fight through every step to keep running during the”running parts” and get through this weeks workouts. In a previous post I talked about how mad I am at myself that I didn’t finish the running parts of last weeks workout so in redoing Week 4 and I’m going to do it perfectly. Wish me luck! Off I go!