I made it

by kristinwood

I made it through a rough day yesterday and today. Yesterday I didn’t go on my run, nor dodo do the elliptical last night…and I didn’t feel guilty about it. I think it’s ok to admit to yourself that it’s not a day to exercise. Although, I didn’t go over my calories and I kept track of them like usual and as much as I craved sweet tea and chocolate brownies, I did not cave to those cravings! Today I stuck to my calories too and did 1.5 miles on the elliptical. I didn’t do my upper body workout though that I added last week. My emotional state has been kinda shaky and I’ve been a terrible yeller but I think Aunt Flo might be about to visit. I acknowledged that anger today and regrouped by going outside, watching a corny comedy and painting my nails and I think that helped. Maybe tomorrow well be a better day. I’m so proud if myself though because I didn’t turn to food when times got tough. I sipped away on my water and found other ways to channel my feelings!

I weighed today because I really hoped I lost so that I would have that little extra kick to keep it up and to my surprise, I lost .9 lbs since Tuesday when I weighed! That was exactly what I needed to see! Lately I’ve been getting in a hurry and trying to make it feel like I’ve lost more than I really have. I think I’m just antsy to see the change. I’m not noticing big changes yet. My pants aren’t that loose and my bra still cuts me in half. Lol! I did just try on my wedding ring tonight and it is too big. It’s to the point where I may not be able to wear it because it’s so big. That’s a pretty cool victory. Seems silly but my next goal is to fit into the promise ring my parents got me in high school. It’s close to going over my knuckle but I don’t want to force it. It’ll happen, you watch…

That’s all to share for now. One of these days I will actually hack away on my laptop and share a real post but for now, these short ones are helping me through my feelings. Good night…or should I say Good morning? 😉