Who’s that girl?

by kristinwood


Who’s that goonie girl on her cool garage sale elliptical at 10:00 at night during the week of the fair? Oh ya know…just me! Lol!.I’m proud to announce that I have not once caved in to eating fair food. I let the kids have a snow cone and cotton candy tonight but I left it alone. I’ve had tons of compliments lately on how I look and it’s so nice to hear people say that they notice. I don’t really notice because I’m looking at myself every day. I just keep thinking of all of the great things I’ll get to experience and enjoy once I get these last 34 lbs off. I will make a list soon and share it but for now, I’m beat. I run tomorrow and I’m actually looking forward to it. I went to Walmart today alone to get a few things and I looked at clothes shopping in a whole new light. There are some cute things that I know aren’t in my size now but I just keep thinking that maybe by Christmas I’ll finally fit into just an extra large in womens instead of 2x in plus sizes. I’m a dreamer and an optimist but I’m also very determined. There are so many great things ahead for me and I’m excited!