It’s been one week

by kristinwood

Admit it, you totally were singing the Barenaked Ladies song in your head! LOL! I know I was…I’m such a 90s kid that it’s insane. HAHA! Anyways, I’ll get back to being serious. It’s been one week and 2 days since I hurt my ankle. I’ve been up and down and all around trying to convince myself and others that I can do what I want on it. The truth is…it still hurts. It’s still swollen and there’s still some leftover bruising still hanging around. But today I’m gonna try to run again. It’s Monday and usually on Monday’s I start the day one of the workout for the week I’m on. Technically I should be starting week 7 now but I’m going to start from the beginning. I had worked up to almost running 20 straight minutes so this workout should be a breeze. Today it’s 8 intervals of 60 second running and 90 seconds of walking in the middle (I think, I’m gonna have to look it up to be sure). Seems super easy but we’ll see once I get out there. I have no doubt in my mind that my lungs are conditioned for it but I dont know how this ankle is going to hold up. Usually I run on a gravel road not far from my house but I figured, one wrong step on a big rock and I’ve blown my ankle out again so I decided to run the streets in town today. Tim has to take his pickup in to get worked on anyway so I’ll run while he helps his mom do some things. Today is another first for me, I’m going to be running in cold weather. It’s about 55 right now and wet and cloudy. I’ve never run in weather colder than 65 and I’ve actually run when it was 90 out so this is a big interesting change.


Now to talk some numbers. About a week ago on Tuesday (3 days after I hurt my ankle) I weighted like I normally do on my “weigh day”. I had gained .4 lbs since my last weigh in and I bawled my eyes out thinking it was the end of the world because this ankle was going to cause me to gain so much weight, I couldnt run anymore, yaddah yaddah yaddah. After I had my pity party I thought about it and told myself to be reasonable. I wasn’t doing as much activity and my house wasnt stocked as well as usual with healthy things and that I was just going to gain some while I was’t able to run or work out. So I allowed myself 5 lbs to gain while I was out of commission. I decided that I should set a number instead of fretting about it all week and beating myself up for things I coudln’t control. So I weighed this morning and only gained 2.2 lbs! So I weighed in at 239…which is still below 240! I’m actually proud of myself for not going all sorts of crazy and pigging out but at the same time, I’m kinda shocked. It’s crazy that in just a week I could gain 2+ lbs…If you think really hard about it, that means that in 13 weeks I could have gained back all that I lost! Really puts things in perspective when you think about it like that. Makes me all the more conscious of what my body is doing. A body at rest is a bad thing. A body not working to it’s fullest potential is a burden and will become sluggish and overweight. I used to think that there were people out there that were just naturally skinny and they could eat what they wanted and never get fat and never have to workout. There are actually people like that out there but I’m not one of them, nor will I have be or have been.


Here’s my reality check for today…I am a 239 lb woman who has lost 26 lbs thus far. I am strong and driven and motivated to continue this journey. It’s probably gonna hurt a little today. My ankle has been throbbing off and on all morning already but I’m going to wrap it up, suck it up and go kick some butt! I know what I want and I know how to get there! I’ve had my pity party all week and now it’s time to pick up the party hats, throw away those saggy balloons and move on with my life. I’m not where I was 7 weeks ago before I started this journey and I’m certainly not going to go back there! I did this, I made these changes, I’m getting better every day. This extra weight I’ve been carrying is a disease and a burden and has been making me sick, emotionally and physically. I wasn’t healthy and happy and driven. I’ve had a small taste of that happiness over the time I worked out and I want it back. I’m going to get there again! Just watch me!