Goodbye Queen Trail

by kristinwood

Today I tried to run on “my road”. Which is a gravel road just down the road from my house. I’ve always liked running there because there is never traffic and a pretty view of horses and cows. Today marks one week and 4 days since I hurt my ankle so I thought I’d try to run on that road again (Monday I ran in town on paved roads). On my very first interval today, I knew it was a bad idea. It hurt and jostled from the get go. Do I ran 4 intervals and was super careful…like creeping along careful and then I just gave up being careful and walked it. It really wasn’t worth hurting it again. I’m not mad at myself or anything I just realized that I cannot run on that road anymore. It also got me wondering if maybe that’s why I hurt my ankle in the first place. Could it be that my ankle was weak from running on those big chunks of gravel? Could I have had a slow tear? Am I gonna have to run in high tops? Lol!

After today I decided to find a new place to run that is paved. So if you’re going down 149 anytime on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings, watch for the fat girl with hot pink tennies! Ill be around somewhere.


This is to show the size of the gravel…it’s huge!


Here’s a picture of my ankle. The left side shows it right after I hurt it. The right side is today after my run.

Last minute random thought I had today while running…grasshoppers are jerks. I bet I had 20 of them fly out of the dang grass and tag me. Good thing they weren’t playing freeze tag or I’d be like a ninja with Tourettes! I’m not 100% sure but I still might be it…