Perfectly Imperfect

by kristinwood

These are totally random rantings to bear with me…I’m going to try to put my feelings into words.


Tonight I sit here in my sweaty workout clothes, my hair is in a messy ponytail with curly flyaways everywhere. I have perfect nails for probably the first time in my life…and they au natural…no polish, nothing. I have piles of laundry all over the living room, an unfinished blanket at my feet that I’ve been working on crocheting for months now. I finally cleared off the dining room table today to make it presentable in there and I put together my little treasure that my brought me a few weeks ago. It’s a really cool lazy Susan centerpiece with antique teal pottery…it’s just too hard to describe but it’s my favorite color ever. I finally found a solution to the kids’s Friday folder paper clutter and confined it to it’s own space today. I checked bills and we actually have enough to go around since I’ve been shooting more sessions and I actually feel like I contributed this month, financially. I sorted the bill stack and I’m about to go outside and burn a big pile of shredable papers. While I’m out there, I’ll probably pet the dog and look at the stars and maybe kiss a kitty or two. I love those fur babies…I’ll probably say a little prayer for my little doggie, Freckles to come home. This was his second day gone and I pray he comes home soon and unscathed…I love that little funny looking dog.

I’m feeling pretty great about my mommy role tonight. I made a boring supper of breaded fish planks (frozen), french fries, bread and butter pickles and a home grown watermelon that Tim’s aunt brought us today. It was delicious! Even though it was nothing to brag about, my kids ate it and complemented the chef. LOL! They ate their supper without fighting and played outside. I love nights like this where I can hear their little giggles and innocent conversations wafting in the windows as I work around the house. We did homework without a fight and read books before bed. And I’m proud to say they were tucked in, snug as a bug in a rug by 8 pm, on the dot tonight. A small feat, I rarely accomplish. It’s usually closer to 8:30. I did a mile on the elliptical, weighed and felt really great about things.

I guess the title of this post is Perfectly Imperfect because so many things arent quite right but at the same time, they’re exactly as they ought to be. Life here tonight was simple and beautiful and stress free and full of joy. I dont know why I feel so elated tonight but I’m blessed beyond measure and God is so good.


Maybe it’s because I’ve finally been able to run and exercise this week or maybe it’s because all things finally fell into place or maybe it’s just because I’m finally letiing all the bad go and making room for good now. I dont know what it is but I like it…no….I love it! It’s a beautiful night to go outside and feel the wind on my skin.