Some random thoughts and NSV’s today

by kristinwood

So today I’m filling in at the Farm Bureau office where I used to work and it is slow and boring right now do thought I’d blog a little and share some thoughts. 😉

Today I had several NSV’s (non scale victories). I had to dress in professional clothes today so I tried on 3 shirts that were too big! I never had clothes that were to big or baggy before! It was usually the other way around! I also put on a pair of jeans, I know…not so professional, but I figured I wouldn’t have any dress pants that would fit. Anyways, they were straight from the dryer and unbearably big! I would’ve probably had to wear a belt Andi hate belts because they usually squeeze my belly fat tight and make it look all dumpy and gross. Lol! So I tried on an old pair of dress pants that I bought about a year ago and wore to one wedding but they were so tight in my thighs at that time that I could barely bends or move (and they were stretchy kind too!). Today, those pants were too big too! They were even baggy in the thighs! So I put on another pair of black pants that had always been tight but were functional before and they were too big but bearable today. The waist had a clear button on the inside and then 2 hooks of some sort on the left side and I can remember being worried that they would bust the last time I sucked it in and buttoned them and today they buttoned and hooked just fine with room to spare! I was pretty excited! I’m finally noticing these results!

Other people are noticing too! I feel like 30 lbs isn’t much to lose but when I say that people usually look at me in shock and tell me that’s a lot! Cracks me up to think I’m only halfway to my goal. What is my halfway mark is more than what some people want to lose. I have always said that when you start out as big as I did that any physical activity causes the weight to just melt off. Now I know there’s alot more to it than that! It’s a simple concept to grasp and follow but not so simple to have to will power and motivation to follow through.

Every day I am thankful that I started this journey. I never knew I could feel this good. I never knew that I could finally be this content in my daily life. I never knew that I could be this strong or brave or encouraging! I follow a girl on Facebook and the name of her page is Finally Alive after 25 and that’s such a prefect way to describe this feeling…finally alive.

I weigh tomorrow and that number is important but not near as important as the way I’m feeling. I’m to the point in this journey where I don’t have to track every single calorie. I know what I should and shouldn’t do and I hold myself accountable now and I pray that sticks with me my whole life.