Fad diets

by kristinwood

I’m totally going to be on a soapbox tonight and there will be alot of ranting. So if this offends you, I’m glad to hear your opinions in a grown up way and I’ll be more than happy to do the research and eat my words if need be. Before I go on, I want every person reading this blog to know that I am no doctor or trained person in this field. I am about to post some of my very strong opinions and I also would like to remind you that this is MY blog…where I post MY feelings…and MY stories. If you dont like it, dont read it.


You have all heard the fad diets: SlimFast, Jenny Craig, diet pills, liquid diets, cabbage soup diets, Adkins diets, Eat for your Blood type diet, Body by Vi shakes, Shakeology, and the list goes on and on…Do you remember the old days when that machine was invented that you stood on and it had a belt that went around and jiggled the weight off? I vaguely remember the infomercials for it among other workout equipment like the AbCircle Pro. Here’s my feelings on them…anything that you have to buy a “product” for, will not work. I dont beleive in them, I dont endorse them, and I dont think they’ll work in the long run. I’m gonna add a disclaimer to that…I have a cousin that uses Advocare and has seen wonderful results. She also excercises nearly every day. I’m not going to bash Advocare right now because I dont know enough about it except that I’ve seen her results firsthand.


There is only one tried and true method that has survived the years and has been recommended by millions of doctors and you dont see it ever going out of style…DIET AND EXERCISE! That is now and will forever be the only weight loss solution that I will ever endorse. I believe in it with everything that I am. I also believe in the power of prayer. I have prayed on several occasions for God to help me through my workouts and He has not failed me yet! Even when my ankle was throbbing from the pounding on the pavement a few weeks ago, I prayed and with God’s help, I made it home!


I am scared to death to see what all of these chemicals and other things people are putting into their bodies is going to do to them! I feel like in 15-20-30 years, how many people are going to be suffering from adverse affects? Do you remember the old birth control pills like Yaz? Now there is a lawsuit and settlements because they caused blood clots. Do you remember Chantix? It was supposed to make you quit smoking. And as I recall, a TON of people quit smoking because of it. Hooray…oh wait, did you hear of all of the mental side effects and suicides as a result of it? Do you remember those diet pills from the 80s? Yeah…I dont think I need to remind you of how those turned out. Now I have to ask…do you know of any adverse effects from watching what you eat and exercise? Nope…not a single thing.


I feel like those fad diets are a cop out. People have excuse after excuse as to why they cant lose weight. If people would drop the excuses and put in the effort the way God intended, I’m sure there would be results. I’ve taken the time to understand the way my body works and the science of weight loss the healthy way. The only way I can fail with this diet and exercise thing is if I dont follow through. If I choose to eat things I shouldnt or if I dont exercise. It takes will power. It takes motivation. It takes prayer. It takes preparation. It takes hard work, determination, grit, and heart.


I know personally, when I’ve met my goal weight and I’m able to do things that I’ve always wanted to do, I will only have myself to thank. I have the power to change…nothing else has that power over me.