Calm before the storm…

by kristinwood


So I read this today on a Facebook page about fitness. After I read it, I agreed with every number and felt pretty good about things. I read some of the ladies comments below it and realized that there are so many people traveling this weight loss journey that aren’t really on track all the time. That’s kinda me right now. I know I’ve talked about it before on this blog but I’m still babying my ankle along and not exercising as much as I had been. I went through a rough patch at first and didn’t want to accept the injury and decided to bull my way through it and run anyway. Then the next step was regret. I regretted trying to run on it because every time I ran on it, it swelled up the size if a grapefruit. Finally the last step was to accept it and take it easy. I had to go through many trials on my own and listen to many people’s advice that I really didn’t want to hear. This post is titled Calm Before the Storm because that’s what I feel like I’m in. I go for an MRI next week and I hope to find some answers. As soon as my doctor figures out what’s going on, depending on the results, I’m going to take off like a storm again and lose more pounds at a faster rate. I have still been losing the past few weeks just not as fast as I’d like. I guess that’s a sign that I’m doing things right…I’ve been patient and persistent.

I’m proud of every single step and hurdle I’ve overcome so far and I know there is a big long track in front of me yet but I’m getting there. You hear the age old expression “One day at a time.” That’s exactly what I’m doing, taking it one day at a time and conquering it! You can’t be perfect all the time but you can be better than you were yesterday. 🙂