This post is totally going to sound like bragging

by kristinwood

So I’m not trying to brag but I’ve honestly never had this problem. I’ve never ever had to get rid of clothes because they were too big. Today I put on 3 pairs of jeans before I went to the game and every pair was too big. Then I put on my wedding ring and it was at least a whole size too big, if not bigger. It spins around and around on my finger and makes me crazy. So I’m in a I buy new jeans even though I’m intending to lose at least another 20 lbs? Or do I just cinch up a belt and have a saggy looking butt for a while longer? When is the right time to get my ring sized? I’ve had it enlarged at least twice and I hate to keep altering the metal. But I also hate not wearing it. It’s the only ring I wear. I asked Tim tonight if he’d buy me a fake one to wear for a while until I meet my goal weight and keep it off for a while. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s a waste of money. My underwear are even falling off my rear! Lol! I’m going to make that my reward though when I lose 13 more lbs. I will be treating myself to new pretty undies. I’ve never had pretty or fancy ones. I’ve always just been practical. Seems like a silly reward but whatever floats my boat. Lol! Gotta tuck critters in bed. Ttfn!