I see a bone!

by kristinwood

While that phrase might be a little scary in some situations, I’m ecstatic! Today I was snuggled up in the chair and itched my ankle and felt my ankle bone. I looked down and sure enough, my bone was actually showing! The swelling has finally gone down! Here’s proof:


The left picture is today and the right picture was 4 and half weeks ago after my injury. It’s amazing how God heals our bodies!

I got an MRI the other day and saw my orthopedic doctor and finally got some answers. I have a complete tear in the tendon on the outside of my ankle, a parallel tear in the ligament on the inside of my ankle and a serious bone contusion (which he described as swelling inside the bone). I have a new brace to wear and I will start physical therapy tomorrow morning. I go back to my doctor in 2 weeks to see how I’m doing. He says I won’t be back to running for a long time but I can still walk and use the elliptical. I’m so glad for no surgery and now I can move forward!

A little small scale victory…I saw the numbers 2-2-7 this week! I’m not gonna lie, I weighed on Friday and that’s what it said then weighed Tuesday after eating out at a steakhouse and bingeing on carbs. Tuesday the scale said 231 but hey, I’ll take it! It’s still almost 2 lbs lost in the past week! The past 2 days I’ve really stuck with my diet. I’ve been so leery to start back on the elliptical because I’m afraid it’ll hurt my ankle. I need to just stop making excuses and hop back on it. Who cares if I can only do a mile in 10 minutes on it. Some is better than none, right? I’ll do it! I may have to adjust when I do it though. I used to get on right after I tucked the kids into bed but that seems like the part of the day that my ankle hurts the worst so maybe I’ll start doing it in the afternoon before the kids get home from school.

I’ll get it all figured out. Here’s one last thought for everyone this fine Thursday morning…