Shameless selfie Sunday!

by kristinwood

So it’s been a very long time since I felt confident in front of the camera. I mean…maybe senior year…um 11+ years ago. Lol! I’m still not the most comfortable I’ve ever been but tonight I was feeling pretty great about my hair so I decided to take a selfie. The first 3 tries were awful and my smile was awkward then I decided to set the timer on my camera and try that and viola! Here I am in all my evening/tired eyes/nerdy glasses librarian glory!


So I thought maybe I’d use some fancy effects on an app on my phone, played around a bit and decided I was just going to post the raw unedited picture because that’s most believable. After looking at that shameless selfie for a while, I decided maybe now I could pull of the sexy duckface that all the young girls are doing….


Yep…nailed it. Bahahahaha! I think I’ll watch some Hart of Dixie on Netflix and turn in for the night…I’m a little delirious. Good night fans and friends. 🙂