I’m having a 40 lb party…with myself.

by kristinwood

Today is the day I weighed and have officially lost 40 lbs exactly! So I decided to celebrate in style. The kids were going to spend the night with my parents today so I’m all alone, and that’s fine by me. I found plenty of things to do. First off I went to the school track.




I have always wanted to run a mile on that new all weather track so today, I did it! I’m pretty sure a 14 minute mile is slower than a herd of turtles trudging through peanut butter but I’m still proud. I lapped everyone on the couch 6 times (counting warm up and cool down laps)!!! I have not ran on that track since high school and it felt great. It was a crisp cool sunny day but it was perfect!


Since I’m a goofball and like to take victory pictures after my hard work, here I am! I’m sooo proud of myself. 🙂




I’ll have to post a picture of me later in non workout clothes…I might even do a before and after. So after I got home, I took some pictures of Albany’s kittens to try to find a home for, then I took the dog for an extra long walk, went out and shot the pistol for some target practice, and then I fixed myself a nice salad with real ranch dressing and croutons, and drank a liter of water. It’s funny now to think that I used to reward myself with cookies and chocolate and now my reward is a mile run and salad with ranch dressing instead of fat free or vinagrette. LOL! I have made so many changes and I can honestly say that I feel so much better than I did.

About a week ago, I had my annual well-woman exam and bloodwoork. I’m still waiting to hear the results but I am sure they’re better than they were a year ago. A HUGE change that has happened is that my blood pressure has actually lowered since getting in shape and losing weight. I used to have blood pressure around 125/85 or so and I have had several checks at random points in the day and it’s been running 105/60 or right around there. It’s crazy! My BP was never truly high but it’s amazing how drastically it has changed. I’m so anxious to get the results from my bloodwork.

Along with the victories I’ve had lately, there’t been some things that still taunt me. I have yet to buy myself new clothes. I am still wearing my size 20 jeans and my size 2X shirts. I am kinda disappointed that I’m not in smaller sizes yet but honestly, I havent tried anything on to see what fits and what doesnt so that may be a hidden victory that hasnt emerged yet. Who knows. I must’ve been wearing clothes that were too tight for so long! It’s almost embarrassing to think about it.

Better log off, I have a card playing party to get ready for. I’m baking cookies and I have vowed to myself to stay out of them. Ok…ok…I take it back. I purposely worked extra hard today at my workout so I could have a few cookies. 😉 You really shouldnt deny yourself those little treats. You just have to learn to work for them. Nothing on this journey is gained without earning it.