Cheers for small victories!

by kristinwood

Yesterday I thought I had a bad day but then I took a few steps back and realized I had a few bad things happen in an otherwise great day. It started with a conversation with my dad that ended with be in tears and really upset. Because of that convo, I was running late to an afternoon jam packed with photo shoots. So I headed to town and was speeding. I got pulled over just a few miles from home and was issued a hefty ticket. Several leads were learned and I counted my blessings after that.

Today was a new day and I could really use some happy energy. I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and it dawned on me that after my last weigh in at 225 that I’m only 5 lbs away from the weight listed on my drivers license (which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t gotten pulled over yesterday). The weight listed on that license is what I weighed when I got married 10 years ago! I’m soooooo excited about that! Seems silly but it’s another small goal to work towards! I would love to get back in my wedding dress and I think it won’t be long!

Another small victory today…I went jeans shopping because I was down to my last pair that fit and it was quite saggy in the butt. Lol! I had been wearing 22s it 24s before I started losing weight. Today I had full intentions of buying 20s. So I tried on a few pairs and they were loose but wearable. I had to slow down and have a little chat with myself in the fitting room. I didn’t want to buy a few new pairs of jeans and drop a bunch of money and just turn around on a few months and them be too big again. So I got brave and decided to get 18s. Long story short, they didn’t have any 18s in the style that I wanted but the super sweet sales girl talked me into a pair of 16s…aaaand THEY FIT! They were snug and I was a little worried but ecstatic because they buttoned and I didn’t look too bad in them. Actually they made my butt look great! Lol! I really hated putting my baggy ones back on for the rest of the day. I needed that little boost today.

It’s nice to have small victories like that sometimes.