I’m feeling kinda icky…

by kristinwood

So tonight I was craving a root beer and decided to stop on my way home and get one. I had full intentions of drinking a little and giving the rest to the kids…that didn’t happen. I called Tim on my way home from my engagement session and he asked me to pick up pizza on my way home. I ordered two large Godfather’s pizzas, one taco and one meat lovers. We had company and it sounded like a great idea. Boy was I wrong!

I ate 1.5 pieces of the taco pizza that was loaded with onion and ended up drinking the whole dang root beer. I learned a hard lesson tonight. You eat crappy = feeling crappy. I went up to do my workout on the elliptical and felt awful! My side was hurting halfway through and my time was awful. I still feel a little bit of heartburn. I will never do that again! I had salad in the fridge, I should’ve eaten that and I wouldn’t be feeling so sick right now. I should’ve just drank water and I wouldn’t be wide awake right now when it’s bedtime.

I’m so thankful that I finished my workout but I still feel yucky. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to remember this awful feeling the next time I’m sucked in by the glorious smell of fresh pizza in my car.