I still have a ways to go

by kristinwood

So I have about a gazillion things to do today but I cant stop my mind from running a mile a minute so I’m going to put some thoughts down on paper (or type really).

I must be around more people lately because I’m suddenly getting alot of compliments on how I look. And I’ve never ever ever gotten compliments like this before so I’m a little taken back. It makes me feel good and I’m so thankful for everyone’s kindness. It really makes that hard work pay off! It also gets the ole gears in my head going and a teensy part of myself is like “Way to go Kristin! You have done great, now go eat 14 cookies. Your weight loss is over.” Then after that the rational part of me steps in and says, “Oh no no no, you’ve still got a ways to go, sister. Those cookies are sabotage. Stay out of them!”

When people ask me how I do it or on and on, I usually tell them my favorite quote, “I’ve come a long ways but I still have a ways to go and it’s hard but I’m winning more battles than I lose.” See, I like to look at this weight loss journey as a battle and the only way to truly win a battle is to fight with all your might and come up with strategic plans that cannot fail. So that’s what I’m doing today…planning.

A little know fact about myself is that I love math word problems. Especially real life problems, like budgeting money every month and figuring out how much carpet you’ll need in a certain room, etc. So today I did some math about my weight loss. So I’ll set the tone for you.

So far, in 15 weeks I’ve lost 40 lbs. If I continue to lose at the rate that I’m going and plan to get down to 150 lbs (which according to this website is the highest side of the doctors recommendations for my height. http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm), how long will it take me to get there?

So I take 40 lbs divided by 15 weeks = 2.67 lbs per week

Then I take my starting weight of 265 and subtract my goal weight of 150 = 115

Then I take 115lbs  and divide it by 2.67 lbs = 43.07116

So it’ll take approximately 43 weeks to be at my goal weight. And since I’ve already got 15 weeks under my belt I have about 28 left to go! So hopefully by around May 16th, 2014 you’ll see me in that bikini! NOT! Totally kidding!

What this crazy math problem does is give me more drive than ever. Sure I could just stop now and take all the compliments I could get OR I could keep going and in 28 weeks = 6+ months I could be the best version of myself yet!

Here’s where my strategic plan comes into play.

1.  Today I sent all the cookies away. No joke! I had leftover cookies from the kids’ classroom parties and I knew I couldnt stay out of them so I sent them to work with Tim. The guys there love baked goods.

2. My next plan is to buy new underwear and burn the old ones. Seems exessive but it is going to be symbolic that I’ll never ever ever go back to big butt Birtha in size 18 underwear again! (Plus I’ve really been wanting/needing new ones because these wont stay up!)

3. Tim and I talked this morning and next Monday we’re going to do the Couch to 5K plan from start to finish together! YAY! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me! I have started it and made it about 7 weeks in on my own before and he decided he wanted to run it too. Well, at that point it was awkward and strange so I’m glad to be starting it from the beginning with him. I think he’ll lose weight too and we’ll be losers together! Plus, running burns SOOOOOOO many calories in a little amount of time and it feels awesome! I am so happy to share these moments with my partner!

4. I’m going to log my food intake again. I used to do it then felt like I could keep track of my own food in my head and that was a big FAIL! I was shorting myself on calories and sending my body into a tailspin. Not to mention, I was starting to be afraid of becoming anorexic. That is not a joke. I saw it on Extreme Weight Loss once. It can happen to us big girls too. This will make me eat those fruits and veggies that my body needs and use up those calories like I’m supposed to.

5. I’m going to continue to count my blessings thus far and set new goals. So far, I seriously have not rewarded myself like I said I would. Mostly because there’s no extra money and I hate spending money on myself. Plus, the things I want, Tim usually frowns on like a sleeve (you know, the tattoo kind. LOL!)  My big huge ultimate goal at 60 lbs lost was going to be a trip to the beach somewhere with my little family. I have always wanted to go somewhere warm and sandy and secluded and just enjoy things with my husband and kids and we are going to do it this year. Even if we’re broke and only get to stay for a day. LOL! I am going to reward myself because I earned it!

6. This one is really hard for me but I am going to start accepting the credit for this weight loss. I am not going to be humble when people tell me I look great. I’m going to beam my pearly whites and say “Thank you.” instead of bowing my head and feeling like I dont deserve the praise.


One of my inspirations on Facebook said that she loves the 1st of the month because it’s like New Years to her. A fresh clean start to set new goals and re-evaluate things. I guess that’s what I’m kinda doing here. Until next time! TTFN!