Pity Party

by kristinwood

So I had my own little pity party all weekend and even posted about my sadness and anxiety over my sick doggie and felt like a real loser…not a weight loss loser. I hated that part of me that was defeated so easily. I know that I reverted back to my old state of mind where I would eat to put a bandaid on whatever emotions were bothering me. I feel like I’ve done waaay worse about my eating in the past before I started this journey. Trust me, this weekend was nothing compared to the “old days”. I didnt get on the elliptical at all for several days and last night I hit it hard. I’ve worked up to 1.65 miles in 17 minutes and I burned 242 calories (equivalent that Starbucks vanilla iced coffee I downed yesterday). Tim’s cousin, Kim, has played a huge huge role in this journey of mine and she follows my blog and weekly, if not daily, sends me words of encouragement. She’s been in my shoes and she’s winning too. Yesterday she asked me how I was…it was soooo awesome for someone to ask that and actually care. After I told her the truth that I was getting along kinda rough, I asked her how she got out of the funk when it hit and she said to give it a time limit. She said she had seen a video that talked about it. I’ll share it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeyAocBv8Uw&feature=youtube_gdata_player. It was so cool to hear it like that. I really made me think about pity parties and I had a little sit down with myself and decided that I was a 2 day pity partier. I’m going to just “get by” during those 2 days and not allow myself to get down to the bottom of the well. I may sink a little and tread water but I will not be defeated by my mind during those 2 days. If I have to get it tattooed on my body somewhere to remind me, I will. LOL! But no more pity party for a lifetime. If you think about it, I could allow myself one pity party a month…that’s 24 days out of the year to spend feeling sorry for myself and downright awful and yet I would still win this battle 341 days out of a year…that is 93% of greatness! I can certainly tell you that that is a pretty awesome thing to live my life 93% of the time in sheer joy and success and happiness at the direction things are going. Folks, I can honestly say that before this journey, I was probably living my life halfway…somewhere around 45-50% of happy…maybe even less. Even if I dont lose these last 24 lbs by the end of this year, I will still be a happy person who is working my butt off and reaping the rewards. Even if I cant fit comfortably in those size 16 jeans by Thanksgiving, I’ll still be a happy person because I dont stand around the desserts table at the family feast. Even if I dont run a 12 minute mile by Christmas, I’ll still be happy with myself because I did the elliptical 5 out of 7 days each week leading up to it. I’m trying, I’m doing, and I’m succeeding. That’s all there is to it. Nike created one of the absolute best slogans I’ve ever heard and still to this date is the best “Just do it!”