Body image

by kristinwood

So this post is going to be incredibly raw and candid so please don’t judge me. I’m not fishing for compliments either so don’t give me sympathy ones. Lol! I’m struggling with body image big time lately. And not in the “oh I’m so fat, I can’t stand my butt” kind of way. Let me try to explain it better…I am frustrated that I’ve lost 45 lbs and I’m still wearing alot of the same clothes I was wearing before I lost the weight. I guess I just expected to drop to a size 10 or something by this point. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen that quickly and I need to keep telling myself to be patient. I read on the blog Runs for Cookies that she said she noticed the sizes dropping quicker as she got closer to her goal weight. I’m still 20 lbs from my first big goal so I could potentially have months before the sizes start dropping quicker.

Another thing I’m unsure about is why people stare at me. I know that sounds crazy but I went in Subway the other day and there was a table full of hunters and a guy I went to high school with and their heads all turned to look at me when I walked in the door and the guy from hs was even a little bit chatty. It was so strange for people to notice me…our maybe it was that I haven’t paid attention to that before or maybe it was a lot of things. I went home and I said to Tim “I know you’re supposed to tell me I’m pretty but…am I really pretty? Like head turning pretty?” His response…”Do you think I would’ve married ya if you weren’t?” You have to know him to get a kick out of it but I thought it was too funny. Clearly I shouldn’t have asked him for an unbiased opinion when he is clearly so biased. Haha!

Maybe this is something new, maybe I am truly pretty and never felt it before. Maybe I’m feeling more confident and wearing that confidence well or maybe I’m imagining it. Who knows…I know it’s weird.

On a completely different topic I noticed my feet have been getting smaller and my boots don’t fit right anymore so I searched my phone for a picture of my feet to see if I could do a comparison shot. I know…it’s weird to have pictures of your feet on your phone but after I hurt my ankle that was the only way for me to see of the swelling had gone down. Lol! Anyways, here’s my comparison shot…the top photo is from 2 months ago and the bottom was yesterday.


Unfortunately that picture didn’t show my much higher…I couldn’t fit it all in but I made another one. Look at how much more toned my ankles leading up to my calves are! It’s amazing!


Thanks for reading my random ramblings and hopefully my vibes will inspire you too. 🙂