I’m over the hump…

by kristinwood

So I’m over the Thanksgiving hump and I’m pretty dang proud of myself. I didn’t go back for seconds at any of the 3 Thanksgiving get togethers I attended. On the actual day of Thanksgiving, I ate a big breakfast and indulged in my favorite cinnamon roll cake. In an effort to be a little conscious of my eating choices, I only had half a biscuit with a little gravy and ate a banana. I did drink a can of Pepsi after lunch but only because Tim practically forced me too. Lol! I told him I kinda wanted it and he bought it for me. I didn’t stick to my “scale of 1-10” rule but I didn’t beat myself up over it either. That wouldn’t do any good. He told me that I can’t be perfect all the time. Which got me to thinking that you really can if you want it bad enough but that’s a whole other post all to itself that I’ll have to save for another day.

I won’t bore you with any more details if my eating habits but I will leave you with this: I didn’t set out Thursday morning to starve myself, I didn’t make rules I had to follow, I didn’t have to have a pep talk before meals. I just ate what I wanted in moderation and tried to add healthy choices into my meals. Every single bite that goes into mouth for the rest of my life will have to be a good decision. I can never go back to eating the way I used to. I can’t have wishy washy rules and then treat myself just because it’s a freaking holiday. It’s just like a lot of things in my life that just aren’t fair…unfortunately that’s the hand I was dealt. The chubby hand in life and in order to be where I want to be, I have to keep being “perfect” and doing the absolute best I can. I have to not make excuses for myself and get my shoes on and do the elliptical. I have to plan ahead for meals. I have to drink water water and only water and take my vitamins.

I wanted to be down 50 lbs by Christmas and that only leaves me 25 days to be down 4 lbs…just 4 lbs! How awesome is that?!? I have to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. I’ve decided to write my goal weight on my wrist and leave it there until I get there. Once I get there, I’m going to write the next goal I want to be at and the next until I get where I want to be. There is no whining, no excuses, no cheat days or meals. There can only be perfection if I truly want it. I can do this.