I’m in awe

by kristinwood

Today is Tuesday…that means weigh day for me and let me tell you, today’s numbers were shocking! I always gauge my feelings before the weigh in on a scale of 1-10. 1 is not very confident in a loss and 10 is very confident in a loss. Today I really was on the fence. I knew I hadn’t ran all week and I’d only done the elliptical 3 or 4 nights in the past week. I’d also tried to listen to my body and it said I needed rest more than I needed the workouts. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing or not because I’m always afraid of feeling like I had slacked off. Lol!

So for the numbers…today I weighed in at 216! That is a 3.5 lb loss in the last week! I was literally in shock when I saw those numbers! I stood there for a minute and felt like I needed pinched. My BMI was down to 36.06 and even that shocked me! This is the exact weight that I can remember seeing on the scales after I had my son and came home from the hospital and had been nursing for a few weeks. I am wearing the exact same shirt even! I can remember that being the very last time I weighed and felt really good about my body. It was probably 2-3 weeks after having him and usually new moms have trouble feeling proud of their bodies but I was. I guess I was an exception to the rules. Lol!

I could sit here and cry, I’m so happy! This is a huge deal. I thought having a 40 pound party was awesome once I had hit that milestone but I think the 50 pound party is going to be an event to remember! And to think that it’s only about a week away from that number if I keep on the straight and narrow! I can do this…I am doing this and I’m darn proud of how far I’ve come!