50 lb Party!!!

by kristinwood


Guess what that means….I MET MY GOAL! And I’m 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!!!!! I’m so stinking excited!

I’m trying to reflect on my feelings and I’m sort of less excited than I thought I would be. I’m happy for myself but I’m sort of numb. I can hardly believe I did it. It makes me think of some inspirational saying that said “She believed she could so she did.”

I can’t remember every single weigh in but this was was big because I usually weigh on Tuesdays but sometimes I weigh on Fridays if I know I have a big busy weekend and it keeps me accountable. And I think about that loss all through the weekend and it keeps me moving forward so that I choose healthy meals and still keep up with exercise even though I may be feeling lazy or want to give in to cupcakes and cookies. Lol! I am most surprised by my will power and the fact that food has no power over me anymore. I still have hard times and I have no idea how to cope because my old coping mechanism has been removed. Hard times are totally fine. Not knowing how to cope is totally five. I may have lost 50 lbs but I’m still a beginner. I am far from ready to say “I have a completely trained brain” because I will probably never be there. I will have to battle healthy choices my entire life and I’m ok with that. In a lot of ways, I feel like this has made me stronger and…I’m almost scared to admit but I feel superior to those who are maybe naturally thin. I feel like everyone has their own battles to fight and I’m so proud of the ones I’ve won.

I have set a new goal to lose 15 more lbs by the end of February. I think that’s totally achievable. And when I blow that goal out of the water I’m going to set another and another because I KNOW I can achieve them! I can and I will…beautifully and gracefully.