by kristinwood

So I got a personal trainer today. Oh gosh, I can’t say that with a straight face! Actually I downloaded a new app on my new iPhone called Pumpup. It’s so cool! You tell it how long you want to workout and what equipment you have and it puts together a workout and counts down the time. It also shows a moving picture of each workout and gives tips on form. I just have the free version but I’m thinking about purchasing the paid version where a trainers voice tells you what to do. It’s kinda hard to stay in position and watch the timer on your phone.

Today I rocked out to Lana Del Ray and attempted the reps. I wouldn’t say it was easy and considering that I’ve never had to do those kinds of workouts I’m sure I looked like an overweight flamingo trying to balance on a marble but I did it! I finished the workouts and it said I burned 215 calories and I was definitely a little sore doing it.

Here’s some pics I took to give you a visual of my “gym”.

Here’s my little workout buddy. She usually just licks herself and lays in the sunbeam but she’s not bad company.







There’s a few pictures of the view from the window and my space, an old quilt on that yucky shag carpet because I hate the way it feels on my skin. I plan to add some weights sometime but this works for now. I even took before and after pics today and worked out in a sports bra. Let me tell you, that was liberating. Lol! The pic I posted is just a preview. I couldn’t possibly share the other pics just yet. They’re scary and embarrassing. One of these days I’ll have more courage and feel better about the stretchies.

Happy Transformation Tuesday! This marks the beginning of my newest chapter and I hope if you’re reading this you know that anything can happen if you make it happen!