by kristinwood

So I guess my personal trainer app is doing the trick. I woke up sore this morning and as I just now lowered myself back into bed, my an muscles shouted at me in their weariness. Lol! I don’t remember those muscles hurting since high school! I always thought after a c section that I wouldn’t ever really be able to use those muscles but I guess I was wrong! Lol!

I’m proud to say that I completed 2 days of this new workout and I was definitely ready for the change. I was starting to dread the elliptical every night and was making excuses as to why I wasn’t going to do it. Now I’m sneaking this 30 minutes of exercise in in the afternoons after my light lunch and before the kids get home off the bus. I’m so thankful for the flexibility of my schedule and I really don’t think I could do it if I was working a real job. God had this all in His plan when He it the little seed in my mind so many months ago. His timing is flawless, as always.

I’m still working on casting my cares upon Him and I pray every day that I find peace in my current family situation. I started going to a ladies Bible study on Wednesday mornings and evening and I’m really enjoying it. I felt like I could still stand to strengthen that spiritual bond with Him and what better way to do it than with other women of faith?

I feel myself getting stronger physically and mentally about this whole eating thing. I’m confident that I’m still headed in the right direction. I’ll never be perfect but I’m way better than I used to be.

I seldom listen to the actual radio anymore. I usually have a cd in in the car and today I heard some commercial talking about indulging in cookies and milk. I don’t remember the specifics but I remember thinking “man, cookies and milk sound soooo awesome right now!” Then I remember saying to myself literally our loud “Kristin, you may as we’ll get that out of your head right now because you can NEVER go back there. You cannot look over your shoulder and turn to comfort food any more. You have to accept that and move forward.” It’s a harsh reality but I will be right back where I started if I don’t keep that solid mindset. I will never be able to enjoy food the way I used to because it was killing me. I’m still not sure what my new coping mechanism will be but I have to keep trying them out until I find the right fit. I’m worth it.