Tuesday didn’t happen

by kristinwood

So I weighed this morning because I was really feeling antsy and hoping I lost the past few days. As I started up the Wii Fit I noticed that it didn’t record Tuesdays weight so I guess it didn’t happen. Lol! According to the scales I’ve lost .4 since last Friday. I’ll take it. It’s better than a gain any day!

Today I’m on the straight and narrow. No more Subway carbie flatbread, no more gravy on my pork loin, no more sneaky mini cupcakes or sweet tea. Yesterday was a lucky day. If I hadn’t done the elliptical for 17 minutes last night I would’ve gone over on calories. It was so dang hard to do it at 10:30 last night but I did and it felt so good! I couldn’t sleep afterwards from the endorphin high but it was worth it!

Last night I sold a lot of the bigger clothes that are too big. While I’m so glad to see them go, I’m elated that I can almost wear “regular” sizes now… Not plus sizes! I saw a girl on Facebook refer to something called ONEderland and I’m totally using that! I’m just 14 lbs away from ONEderland and I couldn’t be happier! I will be honest with you though, as I was sorting and selling my clothes I had a little teensy weak negative voice in my head that said “what if you need those again? What if you get pregnant? What if I gain it all back?” Then my strong loudmouth voice in my head told that weak voice to shut up that I don’t need to worry about any of that crap. It’s not gonna happen and I’m in charge here and I’m rocking it. So lay off! Lol!

I’m so glad I have such great conversations with myself. 🙂 Happy flex Friday ya’ll. I would post a flexing picture but that would require me to strip out of my comfy baggy sweater and we all know that ain’t happening!