Sticks and Stones

by kristinwood

This post is not weight loss related…it’s me related and I needed to share some thoughts and clear my head. Yesterday was awful. I was misunderstood in something I had posted on Facebook, then attacked personally, then accused of untrue things, given no way to defend myself, was made fun of after trying to defend myself, and eventually pushed by this person to block them. Which, honestly may have been what they were wanting to start with. Who knows….after thinking long and hard about it. I have decided to take what they said with a grain of salt and cut my losses. While it hurt and left me with a gaping wound in my precious heart yesterday, today I’m over it. Why you ask? Because God is my friend and we talked…and because He worked in the lives of sooo many other people that sent me encouraging words and scripture to read. Isn’t that awesome how God works in our lives and we can actually see Him if we open our eyes?


Last night I read through several of the comments and private messages that were sent and realized I needed to spend some time praying and reviewing the Bible. An old friend of mine suggested James so I started there. Of course I couldn’t stop reading! Every single word resonated with me! Then I had another message from a close friend that stated that this was the devil’s way of tempting me. You see, Satan saw me winning and he decided to dress himself as a person whom I considered family and attacked me when I was low already. He’s sneaky like that. Anyway, I opened my little daily devotional book and the verse of the day was from Psalms and was about VICTORY! I was like “Are you kidding me?!? God! Wow! You are seriously sitting right here now arent you?” and then I had a good long chat with Him. It was one of those moments that will forever leave a mark on my heart.


I was affirmed that I am a good person, not perfect but precious in His sight. No matter what, He’s going to be there for me. I will be persecuted in this world for being a Christian and following His ways. I read the verses about the tongue being the hardest part of the body to tame and how it can be so horrible. I also read about perseverance and patience and how thing happen in their own timing. It gave me comfort to know that my family woes will someday be over…not exactly right now and there’s maybe not even light at the end of the tunnel yet but I am assured that there will be.

I have learned that for every negative thought that jealous and miserable people may make about me that there are probably 10 more positive thoughts by some very amazing people and I need to stop letting the negativity get me down. I’ve also learned that God works in the most unlikely people. Thank you to each and every person who sent me a private message, text or commented on my post. You are all so wonderful and I’m thankful to have you in my life and on my friend list. 🙂


I know while I have not exactly been on point lately with my diet and exercise and may not lose a single pound this weeks weighin or last, I’m growing and changing spiritually. I’m being led by the Holy Spirit daily and I am drawing closer to my God because He will NEVER fail me nor forsake me. If I gain nothing more from this awful situation with my family drama and everything else, I have become closer than ever in my faith in the Lord and that will be enough. Because in the end…that’s all that matters anyway.