I’m a rebel by nature

by kristinwood

I really am. I’m one of those people if told to do something, I generally do the opposite. I also hate to do what everyone else is doing for the sake of it. Example: on New Years I always get all weird at 11:55 when everyone starts watching the clock and looking for their lover to kiss. I can feel Tim’s eyes burning into me or searching for me. I generally roll my eyes and do it anyway but I hate it. Not the kissing part…the do it because you’re supposed to part. If I want to kids my husband I want it to be because I feel like it dang it. Lol! I’m the same way about resolutions.

Last year I actually set a New Years resolution and did it. I wanted to teach myself how to crochet and I did. I hammered out my first real project in January last year and I’ve been Making beautiful things ever since. This year I absolutely did not want to do the bandwagon thing and set all these outrageous goals that I wasn’t sure I could achieve and then disappoint myself and others. But what did I do? I set a stupid goal to run/walk/ellipticize 500 miles in 2014. Now at first I did the math and that’s way more than a mile a day and that was so ridiculously unreasonable. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with it that long and most importantly…I knew that goal would not motivate me.

So today I really rethought things and decided this for 2014.
1. I don’t care about how many miles I do. I just want to exercise regularly ever single week. Regularly could mean a lot of things. But basically I want to not ever skip weeks and get lazy and lose the muscle and lung capacity I’ve worked so hard to gain.
2. I will not gain anything and if I do, it will be minuscule in the bigger picture. I know that my big weekly losses are over. No more -3 lbs every week. All I want to see now is a minus number. I don’t care if it’s -.3 that’s still a loss in my book. Slow and steady wins the race.
3. I want to get back to running when the weather is nice. I will do the Color Run this year and complete the couch to 5k program.
4. I will keep my mental health in check. I’m only allowed a 2 day pity party and no binge eating without consequences. So if I ate 2 cupcakes today (which I didn’t ) I would have to burn all those calories tonight. I’m not a naturally skinny girl and never will be. This keeps me in check.
5. I will do this on my own. No diet pills, no secret fads, no skin removal surgery. Just me. I am my greatest strength and my greatest enemy. God is on my side and good things will happen. I have faith.

I hate to be cliche so hopefully those make sense to you the reader. I want to be real with you and myself. This takes work and dedication but I don’t have to be obsessive every single day but I do have to be aware forever. I don’t want to go back. Wish me luck on weigh day tomorrow! TTFN!