Fight SAD February

by kristinwood

So it’s February first and I’m notorious for not finishing what I start sometimes. So please don’t be too disappointed in me if I don’t post every single day this month. In a previous post I talked about preventative maintenance. So today I acted on it and tried to achieve my 7 goals. Here’s a quick recap of today and how I met my goals.

1. Keep busy. I made a big breakfast for the kids, helped Bowdy clean and purge some of the toys in his room, I gave him a haircut and both kids baths and then went to my parents got a birthday dinner for my brother.

2. Get out of the house once a week. See above.

3. Photo a day diary. Well, I didn’t get too creative today but I did take this photo after loading the wood stove. It always intrigues me to see how the dogs and cats always follow the same path in our yard. This is their snow path.


4. Go outside and thank God. Tonight I left the kids to spend the night at my parents so I came home by myself. We’ll, the snow was too deep for my car to make it up the driveway. We have a decent size circle drive. So I parked at the bottom, left my lights on, and went to shoveling. I was feeling pretty awesome. I was shoveling the driveway and getting in a good workout and that meant I could skip the elliptical. I got it all done after about 50 minutes, went to my car and it wouldn’t start. I laughed out loud. I literally cracked up. Then I sat there and talked to God. I thanked him for my strength to shovel the drive and my sense of humor about it. I also thanked him for my big old black lab, Candy, who kept me company while I shoveled. It was all quite humorous.

5. Pray for someone different every day. This one was easy today. My cousin that lives in France and I had been chatting today on Facebook and she told me about a friend if gets that lives in the Ukraine. She talked about how terrible things are there right now with the government. She said that he has 3 kids and is really scared. Right then I decided that he would be my person to pray for. I couldn’t think of anyone else today that needed it more.

6. Tell my husband thank you for something. I wasn’t very good about this one today. I did tell him thank you for cleaning the snow off my car this morning. I was grumbling at him before that so I’m thinking it might cancel it out. Who knows. I’ll work on it tomorrow.

7. Have a real conversation with my kids. This was super easy today because it’s Saturday and we had all kinds of conversations today. My favorite was when we were having dessert tonight. We were eating my Grabdmother Betty’s angelfood cake and it is simply divine. Seriously the best I’ve ever had. We usually have it for every birthday. Anyway I hear Bowdy say to Albany “I bet this is what the angels eat. It’s so good!” Cracked me up.

That’s all for tonight. In case I forget to mention it, I will hashtag all my February diary photos on Instagram with the hashtag #fightSADfebruary so it’ll be kind of fun to look back at then end of the month and see them all. Night!