Bathroom lessons with my daughter

by kristinwood

Today must be one of those days where moms everywhere just needed to dress up a little, curl their hair, wear some makeup and feel pretty instead of frumpy. I saw several posts about it on my Facebook news feed and Instagram today and several very pretty selfies. 😉 I had to work at the farm bureau office and took full advantage of the opportunity to wear something besides baggy tshirts and stretchy drawstring waisted pants. I put on a fair amount of makeup (which is a lot for me because I seldom wear it) and I curled my hair a new way today. I felt like a 9 today. I also put on a cloak of confidence and I was fully dressed to impress. I am not a vain person and I struggle with the idea of whether I’m pretty or not. I always wanted to be the pretty girl that didn’t know she was. Does that make sense? Lol! I also wanted to just be naturally pretty without being all fakey. I think one of the most beautiful women I know is my Grandmother Betty. She never wears much makeup and she doesn’t go to the beauty shop to get her hair fixed but she just glows with beauty every time I see her. She is someone that is beautiful and probably doesn’t know she is.

The thing I most strive for in life is to be a good example for my children in a lot of areas. Today Albany was in cheer camp and they got to cheer at the game tonight. She loves to dress up and put on the girly makeup and let me fix her hair. I think there is a time and a place for all things and tonight was the night she was a performer and makeup was a must. 😉 so I got her all dolled up and she had some little pink rhinestones that stuck on her cheek. Absolutely adorable and all her friends were telling her how pretty she looked. I loved seeing her get all giggly and girly with her cheerleader friends tonight but nothing compares to how happy and proud I felt in the bathroom with her afterwards.

I was standing in the bathroom in just my baggy old tshirt and undies and had just taken my makeup off. I put my hair in a messy ponytail and put on my old glasses instead of my fancier pair. Albany came in and asked me if I could take her ballerina bun out and if id help her take her makeup off. I helped her wipe it all off and she looked up at me and said “mommy, you look so pretty just how you are.”

It’s so funny how I spent an hour this morning putting myself all together and making myself feel pretty by painting up a pretty picture on the outside but I felt the most beautiful right after she said that. It was after I had stripped all that other stuff away that made her think I was beautiful.

It took me a minute to pull myself together and think of what to say. I told her thank you and explained how it’s fun to wear makeup and do our hair sometimes but we’re pretty just the way we are, without all that. She just smiled at me and gave me the biggest hug as a tear formed in my eye. If only we all could see ourselves through our children’s eyes…

That was my lesson learned in the bathroom tonight. Here’s a picture of her and I after our treasured chat. Fresh and so clean clean! 😉