Holy Yoga Batman!

by kristinwood

So it’s 11 pm and I just finished 15 minutes of boot camp and ended with 20 minutes of yoga. Yesterday my cousin Kim introduced me to Advocare’s Can You 24 workout DVD and I fell in love! I hadn’t done workout videos since the old high school days of Tae Bo and Billy Blanks on the stage in PE! While tonight, I didn’t do the CU 24, I decided to see what workout videos I could find on our Roku. I found these on Netfit and it’s free but has ads in the middle of the workouts. The boot camp was quick and the exercises were totally doable and I didn’t feel like I was dying and wanted to stop short. The yoga was sooooo relaxing and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed yoga!

When I was in college, on a whim I decided to go to a yoga class and really enjoyed it but didn’t know anyone there and I made too many excuses not to go. Lol! I’m seriously thinking of finding a place to go again. I feel so relaxed and loose. My joints are just…so lax now. It’s hard to describe but I tingled and popped and then I just took a minute to reconnect with my body. Just so invigorating!

I’m sure if you’ve been following me you know I’ve been in a slump. I have been lovingly referring to it as my 4 day pity party. I’m over it tonight. I can’t tell you what tomorrow will hold but tonight I’m feeling like a million bucks! Today I have laughed til I cried, I have prayed with my cousin, called and left messages for several people that I love, baked yummy things for my kids and husband, made a fun Valentines day plan for he and I before he goes to work tomorrow. (I laid out steaks to grill and hopefully we’ll wat at the table, kid free. Real exciting, I know.) I made an appointment to have a yearly physical done next week and have my blood work done.

I have some things to pray about and talk about with Tim. I’m seriously considering joining Advocare. I’m sure it’ll change a lot of things for me and it’s something I’ll have to devote an entire blog post to. I do know that I need to change some things up in order to see new results. I’m starting to feel excited again for what the future hold for me and this temple God gave me. Hallelujah for sunshine!!!