Some reflections…

by kristinwood



I seriously cannot believe how far I’ve come. The picture of me in the green tank was from July 23rd, 2013 and the one of me in the blue jacket was tonight. I never used to be a selfie type of person. I’m still kinda embarrassed because I think of it as a teenage thing to do. Lol! But if I didn’t do it, you might not believe it. You might not see that I’m a real person with real struggles and real saggy skin. I used to have a belly that looked several months pregnant. If getting pregnant had been a possibility I’m sure I could’ve hidden it for several months. Now…probably not.

Do I still see flaws with my body? Not really. I have worked for every inch of this body. I have earned the privilege of being called a “loser”. Lol! I’m going to be downright honest now…I skipped supper tonight so I could have cake and ice cream at my sons birthday party. Shame on me! Seriously. Guess what I’m about to do…hop on the elliptical and burn 300+ calories! Do you think I wouldn’t done that prior to July 23rd, 2013? Heck no!!! I would’ve vegged on the couch in a sugar coma, went to bed and wondered why I was miserable and couldn’t sleep. I’m not saying this lifestyle is easy. It’s certainly not but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier now that I’ve seen results and fought for the past 7 months for this beautiful body! I know what’s at stake and I’m not about to throw it all away. I’m earning this life and I deserve it!