Today I am…

by kristinwood

Here’s a new little series I thought up in my head. I will start the post with the phrase “Today I am…” And then I’ll fill in what I am that day. It could be anything really. I decided to hold myself accountable to my actions, thoughts and words. I felt like I used to do that but in reality, I just didn’t. Sometimes I would say or do things that embarrassed me or made me question later why I didn’t think before speaking. I read this quote today and I absolutely loved it.


I want to live victorious! I want to see the results in my body that I’ve been striving for. I told you a few posts back that I was thinking of joining the Advocare team. Unfortunately that’s not in the cards financially at this time. But I did take a small step in that direction. I ordered their CU 24 DVDs. I ordered the first set that doesn’t require any equipment and I plan to do at least one 24 day stretch. Currently I’ve been logging my miles and workouts on my calendar so I’ll log this workout too. My goal for the next few months is to exercise or get physical every day. No more dormant living for this girl!!! I’ve come too far for my body to wither away and lose the strength and agility I’ve gained (even though it might not feel like much. Lol!).

So I’ll finish the sentence…today I am suffering from a uti and I’m taking a little break before I clean up the house a little bit and get a workout in. Tonight I have at least 3 extra little 5 year olds spending the night for Bowdy’s birthday and I am not going to be drug down by this uti and massive sugar consumption. I will follow my exercise plans and I will limit my pizza intake. Lol! Today I am victorious!

I have a few nonscale victories to share!!! Wednesday I ran/ walked a mike on the school track. It was probably 1/4 covered in snow so I had to just go back and forth instead of around and around. lol! I finished my mile in 12:27!!!! That’s huge for me because a few months ago I was really struggling to finish in just barely 14 minutes. Another nsv, I have gaps in my cowboy boots! I have a pair of authentic Justin mule hide cowgirl boots that I love and I used to fit in them and have no room around my calves. It was unfortunate because I thought I’d never be able to wear those summery dresses and cowgirl boots that are all the craze. We’ll now there’s a good inch gap around my calves in those boots!!! I just might wear them somewhere with a dress one of these days! Last nsv…I sold 2 trash bags of clothes from my closet that are too big!!! I am down at least 2 sizes from what I used to wear! I used to always daydream about the days of having a smaller body but now I’m there! I am proud of these tiny nsv’s and I will keep rejoicing in the little things. Because those little things add up and keep me motivated to keep going!