by kristinwood

I know. I know. It isn’t Tuesday. But I’m preparing for 4 beautiful transparent Tuesdays in March. You see what started this thought was a number of things. Here’s a small list of my random thoughts.

1. So many women my age are coming into their prime. They may have absolutely no idea their worth in this world or the true beauty they exude. I know me personally can relate to this. I have struggled with feelings of less than perfect for almost all my adult life and yet when I post a selfie when I feel like I’m looking halfway decent, I get compliments! And I’m not gonna lie, every single time, I’m shocked. Sometimes I don’t feel pretty as a whole but I can pick out one feature in every photo that I’m happy with and that’s ok.

2. Once upon a time I ran across a blog and she was talking about transparent Tuesday. It really jumped out at me. It was a beautiful thing because she posted a picture of her less than perfect life and I could totally relate to the pictures of her sons sock that hadn’t made it into the laundry pile, or the unwashed dishes from last nights supper or her messy ponytail that she couldn’t recall when she’d had a proper trim last. I decided that I loved the hashtag so much that I wanted to incorporate it.

3. Also, you know I’ve survived SAD February. I can celebrate one more February without any self harm, weeks spent in a depression fog, quick rages of anger that burn up my insides and cause endless profanities to spew from my mouth, or vivid photo like thoughts of suicide wreaking havoc on my mind. I’m darn proud of the progress I’ve made. I could sit here and be ashamed or dwell on the measly 1.3 lbs I gained this month or I can motivate others to do something, think differently, see something in themselves they like.

4. I want to be a motivator. Plain and simple. I want to inspire others. I want to be real and honest and share my testimony and rehash every bad or good or embarrassing thing that’s ever happened in my life if it helps one more individual in this world to feel like they’re awesome.

So here’s the deal. We are the selfie, hashtag generation. We are also battling a lot of self hate. I want to challenge everyone during the month if March to post a selfie on Tuesdays. I want it to be transparent Tuesday. I love the time 11:11 and I always make wishes at that time. So at 11:11 on every Tuesday in March I want everyone who reads this to post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever your social media outlet may be. I want you to hashtag it #transparenttuesday. You don’t have to be gussied up. You don’t have to feel pressured to look fancy or make sure you’re standing in a bare hallway with superb lighting. Just snap, I upload, hashtag it and go. Next challenge…if you see someone else post their selfie, compliment them. Say anything nice about them. Let’s love ourselves, right now, just the way we are!!! Let’s become the self love generation!

Here’s a quick breakdown in case my rambling was confusing.

1. On every Tuesday in March, set yourself an alarm at 11:11 am or 11:11 pm

2. When that alarm goes off, take a selfie.

3. Post that selfie to some social media site like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #transparenttuesday

4. If you see someone else’s transparent Tuesday selfie, complement them.

Easy cheesy!!! Love yourself right now, wherever you are in your body journey.