Today I said goodbye to some old friends

by kristinwood

Today I said goodbye to some old friends. They have hugged me tight when I cried. They have been there while I ate myself into oblivion. They were there during my trip to the Price is Right and during the Relay for Life. They have been abused and thrown around. They were stretched tight and covered most of my awful figure.

You guessed it, my 2XL tshirts! I had mixed feelings about this because I love my big comfy tshirts. I like to sleep in baggy ones but I had been wearing them aside from bedtime and I looked like a slob lately. So I decided to get rid of all of the ones that are too baggy. As silly as it sounds I wanted to order a size large tshirt this year for the Relay for Life. It’s not until September so I’m sure I can do it!

As a small victory, I took some photos to share. Please ignore the mess in the background. I was sorting and putting clothes away.

This is me in my 2XL Relay for Life shirt that I wore last year.


And this is me in a size XL size that I had from a few years ago that I haven’t worn until recently. Much more flattering!


Progress is progress people!!! Keep it up! Right now I’m on Day 8 of my Can You 24 workout DVDs from Advocare. I was pretty skeptical today when I weighed. I almost didn’t want to weigh because I have been working super hard at building muscle and not as much at cardio so I was almost positive that I had gained weight. To my surprise, I had lost .9 lbs since last Wednesday!!!! Small victories baby! I am overjoyed and elated! I can’t wait to measure after these 24 days to see how many inches I’ve lost and how much progress I’ve made.

I also wanted to share how the devil has been trying to tear me down though during this challenge. Last week I completed the first days workout and it was great. The next day I was supposed to do the Core Stretch workout and it got through about the first 8 workouts and then started skipping. So I tried 2 different DVD players and then tried the second DVD (the same stretch workout is on disc 2) and it didn’t work. I contacted my cousin who is my Advocare lady and she ordered me another one. Well I did the Sculpt workout on the new DVD the other day and it worked just fine. Well, last night the Core Stretch wasn’t working the exact same spot! I couldn’t believe it! Either the batch of DVDs was bad or there’s something wrong with my players. It’s definitely strange. I can’t explain it except the the devil doesn’t want me to succeed. But I’m outsmarting him. I have just been turning on a different workout and pushing through anyway. The old me would’ve given up and ate a cookie. Lol!

I will keep succeeding and spring is right around the corner! I have so much to loom forward to!!!