Tonight I exercised in my underwear.

by kristinwood

Yep, you read that title correctly. I exercised in my underwear. Why? Well you see today I spent the entire day making these


Those are softball sized balls of strips of denim. I use them to make rugs. I cut up 9 pairs of jeans to make that many strips. I’m hoping to make 2 rugs with that much. I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with me exercising in my underwear.

You see, when you cut up thatch denim a blue dust falls everywhere. In fact, I’m rubbing blue crusties out of my eyes right now. I even have a layer of it on the top of my head and my hair looks almost gray! Anyway, I had that all over my clothes bad it was getting late and I almost decided not to do my workout tonight. I told myself all sorts of lies like “oh you can skip it tonight. It’s just the core stretch.” “You probably burned enough calories letting the dogs in and out 15 times today.” “Your diet was on point today minus the handful of M&Ms you ate. No need to burn any extra calories” Yada yada…

Truthfully, it was almost midnight and I was feeling lazy. I just didn’t want to do it. But I prevailed! I vacuumed the blue fuzz from the furniture and floor, made sure the curtains were closed, stripped my fuzzy clothes off and popped in my DVD and exercised in my underwear. I may have started a new trend. Lol! Who knows. I do know one thing though, tonight I won another battle! I’m really looking forward to a warmer day tomorrow. I plan to run a mile. Hopefully I’ll get a good time and run more than I walk. Good night all!