Day 16

by kristinwood

I know I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought if give a quick update. Today is day 16 of the 24 day workout. I’m feeling pretty good about the workout. I’m not sore so I always wonder if I’m doing any good. The answer to that is yes! I am doing good things for my body even though I’m not sore ! I did some research and the reason I’m not sore is because tiny tears in inactive muscles causes soreness. First of all, my muscles are not inactive. I’ve been working out for 8 months now pretty regularly and my muscles are used to being worked. Second of all those muscles are not tearing because I’m properly hydrated. Water is basically lubrication for your body. When you are properly hydrated it allows your muscles to move with perfect fluidity therefore not causing tears. Lastly, I am keeping with a pretty balanced diet and that is allowing for muscle growth and strength. So bottom line is that you shouldn’t give up and base your progress on your soreness! Keep going, never give up!

I weighed today and lost 2.9 lbs this week!!! I am pretty dang excited because I am 1 lb away from the lightest I’ve been in a decade!!!! I’m only 10 lbs away from the 100s or ONEderland as some of the losers have called it. I’m ready and I’m excited! No cheating and giving up here.

Tim bought some new running shoes yesterday and we are about to start our training for a 5k. I’m pretty excited about that too but I’ve decided to wait a little while longer until I get over this cold and the weather is warmer yet. I’ve been running here and there lately but not a steady regimen of it. I just like to get a good mile in when I can.

It’s late and I’m off to bed. My brain has been haywire with blog ideas lately but I just have been too busy to put them all together so this quick update will have to do. I truly appreciate each and every reader and encouraging word. I do believe that you are what helps to keep me from giving up when things get hard and all I want is a cupcake and to veg on the couch. Thank you all!