Today is day 19

by kristinwood

Today is day 19 of my 24 day workout DVD from Advocare and I’m really lacking motivation. I made several mistakes today though that killed my motivation. First I crocheted a huge denim rag rug for about 6 hours and my hands are killing me. Second I took a shower after crocheting that rug because I was covered in lint. After my shower I didn’t put a sports bra on. Nothing kills a workout more than not having a sports bra on. Nothing stays where it’s supposed to, you want to cry after one jumping jack and the straps just don’t stay up. Enough said.

Today I noticed that I must hide behind my glasses in selfies because I really don’t have many pictures if myself without my glasses on. So for your viewing pleasure here ya go. Totally unfiltered without a speck of makeup on and I haven’t done a thing with my hair except brush it after my shower.


I’ve been trying really hard to grow my hair out for the past few years. But I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed that it’s so thin and seems to be falling out faster than it’s growing back in. I’ve been tossing the idea around lately of just cutting it all off. I feel like my face is finally thin enough to pull off a shorter haircut. What do you think? To cut or not to cut, that is the question. Lol!

I’m pretty in touch with the fitness and weight loss world on Facebook and Instagram lately as something has been really bothering me…these people that are essentially celebrities are cashing I on their followers. They are offering meal plans for a week for $10 and workouts for a month for $25 and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great how they’re wanting to help others but they are falling into the “fast fix” generation. They’re giving people false hope. I’d like to see them offer mentoring and support rather than telling their followers what to eat or what exercises to do. They also post pictures of their Polar Fit watches along with their daily workouts to show how many calories lost and then they get all grumpy when people ask them what model it is or whatever. Sure they get sick of answering the same question but I want to ask the m “What the heck are you doing on Facebook or Instagram posting your successes when you aren’t willing to answer questions?” I just lose a lot of respect for them when they get snippy over things like that. That’s my two cent rant for the day for what it’s worth. lol!

Here’s my last random though to share with you for the night before I force myself to put a better bra on and kill my workout. Yesterday I had one if the biggest non scale victories of my life happen to me! I was walking into the school for my kids’ parent teacher conferences and met a girl head on that I have never gotten along with since high school. I was fully prepared to just say hi casually and walk on past her but she stopped me and said “Holy cow! You look great, kristin! Really, you look really awesome!” I just thanked her and went about my business but my heart was leaping afterwards! I couldn’t believe one of my arch enemies from a decade ago noticed me and said something nice to me. It was a turning point for me really. I told Tim today that I guess I didn’t realize how much 55 lbs lost makes a difference. I just assumed I didn’t look that much different because I don’t really see it much. He just grinned at me with his twinkly eyes and told me he’d always think I was cute. lol! Then I got to thinking about what I’ll look like at 160 lbs once I reach my ultimate goal. I’m sure if 55 lbs changes my looks, 105 lbs lost will probably make me look like a totally different person. I’m not sure how I’ll handle that. I have no idea how I see myself anymore. I have never been one to judge people by their weight. I just saw a person. I have always done the same thing with myself. I judged myself based on my heart and passions. One of my biggest prayers is that that part of me will not change. I don’t want to look at anyone based on their size and pity them or look down on them because of a number on a scale. Will I be living a happier life though because of a number on a scale? To an extent, yes…I know that losing the weight and cutting off my addiction with comfort food will give me a life I’ve never dreamed I deserved. I’m already living I ways I never thought I would. I feel like I’m worth the effort now. It’s ok for me to spend time working on me. I don’t have 2 little babies that cling to me 24/7 anymore. I’m moving to a different chapter in my life and I’m loving living it! It’s only bound to get better at this rate! 🙂